Eco Friendly Corrugated Plastic Totes With Lids


We are a professional corrugated plastic tote manufacture in China, we can customize all kind of corrugated plastic totes, such as stackable totes, foldable totes, corrugated plastic totes with lids, corrugated pp totes with printing, etc.

The stackable corrugate plastic tote is a new type of turnover box, which is made of environmental polypropylene material. Because it has good performance and is economical, it has been liked by many customers. The corrugated plastic tote also can be called correx tote, coroplast tote, corflute tote, danpla tote, etc.
Its main feature is that the top of the box is large and the bottom is small. The box and the box can be directly stacked to shorten a lot of space, no matter when the box is not in use, Or the box is in transit.

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The parameter with corrugated plastic totes:

Product name
High strength Corrugated plastic totes/correx totes/corflute totes
Regular: Blue, white, grey
Regular: 3mm-5mm
Size Customized
 Usage Packaging, Storage, Transport, Etc
Waterproof, strong and durable, environmentally friendly, customizable, stackable, impact-resiatant, and economical

The advantages of corrugated plastic totes

1. Impact-resistant, waterproof, and chemical resistant
2. Dust-free and easy to clean
3. Lightweight for lower transportation costs and easier handling
4. Reusable, recyclable

5. Durable and strong than cardboard boxes
6. Customizable(color, size, sheet thickness, loading capacity, design, printing, etc)

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We are a professional corrugated plastic tote manufacturer in China, established in 2008, we have produced many types of corrugated plastics, and manufacturing corrugated pp boxes is our strength, such as fruits/vegetable packaging box, seafood packaging box, corrugated plastic postal tote, corrugated plastic divider box, correx picking bins, corrugated plastic totes, printable corrugated plastic box, corrugated plastic wardrobe moving box, anti-stati correx box, conductive danpla box, recycling waste bins, leaf and lawn chutes, etc. If you are interested in any of our corrugated plastic totes/boxes, welcome to contact us at any time!

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