corrugated plastic packaging sheet


The corrugated plastic packaging sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic sheet made of PP (polypropylene) material, It is an extruded sheet with hollow structure, also called pp hollow boards, correx sheet, Corflute board, coroplast panels, plastic cardboard, danpla sheet,  etc.

The versatile, flexible and impact-resistant coroplast sheet is ideal for packaging products. No expensive mold costs, more durable than cardboard, and environmentally friendly. It can be assembled into various types of packaging boxes using welding and binding techniques. Widely used in all industries.

The parameter with  corrugated plastic packaging sheets:

Product corrugated plastic packaging sheets
Material PP (polypropylene)
Width (mm) ≤2600 mm
Length(mm) Customized
Thickness (mm) 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Weight(g/sqm) 250GSM—3000GSM according to customized
Function Common
Corona Treated ( Dyne 60+)
Anti-Static ESD (10^6~10^9Ω)
Conductive (10^3~10^5Ω)
Anti-UV Stabilized
Colors Blue, white, grey, black, Customized
OEM/ODM Accept

Application of our plastic boards:

1. The coroplast sheet can replace corrugated cardboard, wood board, metal board, etc. as packaging materials, and it is also the most ideal packaging material on the market.
2. Coroplast sheets can be made into coroplast packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, parts packaging boxes, precision instrument turnover boxes, backing sheets and partitions for packaging electronic components, etc.
3. The pp hollow board can also be used as an industrial board. It can be used as a protective umbrella, cushion board, shelf, partition, bottom board, cross-board, etc. for various items or objects.
4. The corrugated plastic packaging sheet can be made into the anti-static coroplast board, flame-retardant pp hollow board, conductive coroplast board, to avoid static electricity and fire damage to the products in the box, and to minimize losses.
5. Coroplast boards can also be applied to back panels of washing machines, cars, water heaters, children’s vehicles, etc.

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