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Correx sheets 8×4(corrugated plastic sheets 4×8) are our standard sheets. Correx board is also known as coroplast board, double wall polypropylene board, corriboard and PP corrugated board, corflute board, correx board, flute board, polyflute sheet, etc. The raw material of the corrugated plastic sheet is polypropylene.

Fluted correx refers to various extruded double-walled plastic sheets made of high impact polypropylene resin, and its composition is similar to corrugated fiberboard.

Correx board is an ideal material for many industries, including construction, signage, advertising, graphic displays, screen printing, packaging and shipping, and crafts.

What is the application of the Correx fluted board?

(1)Coroplast sign boards. (Signboards, exhibition boards, brand signs, road signs, election boards, light box board photo frame backing, etc.)
(2)PP corrugated packaging (gift boxes, food packaging, pet boxes, mailboxes, display stands, corrugated plastic recycling bins, fruit and vegetable packaging boxes, plastic wardrobe boxes for moving, etc.)
(3)Building protection board: partition wall, wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, correx floor protection board, etc.
(4)Protective panels to protect facilities such as escalators, floors, etc. prior to acquisition.
(5)Industrial boards (including wire/cable wraps, glass/steel wraps, mats, shelves, partitions, backing boards, luggage racks, dividers, skirting boards, cross boards, etc.)
(6)Other custom corrugated plastic products:  plastic delta traps for insects, corrugated plastic desk dividers/corrugated plastic sneeze guards, Basketball Beer Pong, leaf and lawn chutes, etc.

What are the advantages of Correx Sheets 8×4?

  • recyclable
  • non-toxic, non-polluting
  • Anticorrosion
  • anti-UV
  • waterproof
  • Moisture proof
  • light
  • durable
  • Economy
  • customizable

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