Correx Protection Board, Custom Size Color Thickness


Correx Protection Board is a tough, waterproof, durable and high impact plastic sheet available in a variety of different options to meet specific project requirements. The double-wall polypropylene construction makes it suitable for interior and exterior applications, often used to protect surfaces such as floors, walls, doors, ceilings, windows and other objects.

Benefits of using Correx Protection Board

By using the Correx covering sheets, you can protect valuable surfaces from scratches, knocks, scratches and splashes. Although plywood and hardboard are difficult to work with, Corex is very lightweight and quick to install. Basically, when the job is done, you can immediately pick up the floor protector and move on to the next project.

Is COREX waterproof?

Yes! Corex also outperforms cardboard, plywood and hardwood floor protection in this regard as it is completely impervious to water. Because it’s 100% waterproof and inert to most mineral and organic acids, oils, greases, and alcohols, you can rest assured that the surfaces you’re protecting are safe. Spills such as paint, beverages, glue and cleaning chemicals will not affect its performance, and it can withstand frequent wet foot traffic if workers need to switch between working outdoors and indoors throughout the day.

Unaffected by moisture, Corex can also be used outdoors if desired, but be aware that the color may fade when left in the sun for extended periods of time.

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