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Correx floor covering sheet is an extruded sheet made of polypropylene . Commonly known as corrugated plastic material, coroplast board, polyflute sheet, this double wall polypropylene sheet has grooves within the corrugated polypropylene providing excellent impact protection against bricks, mortar, dropped tools, walking and heavy machinery, all of which are used in building, construction and in the refurbishment industry.

Once installed using traditional tape methods, Correx floor protecton board provides good underfoot grip and won’t slip on hard floor surfaces. It is not only suitable for floors, but also for walls, doors, stairs and windows.

correx-floor-protection, 2mm correx sheets

Features of Correx floor covering sheet

1. Environmentally friendly, harmless, non-toxic, recyclable.

Unlike plywood, which is often sent to landfill due to its toxic formaldehyde content, corrugated plastic is fully recyclable. Corex is ideal for short-term applications due to its impressive durability and resistance to impact, tear and puncture, allowing it to be reused many times.

2. Lightweight(hollow structure).
3. Correx boards have stable chemical function.
4. Excellent formability, easy to process
5. The correx sheet has the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation. 6. High reusable performance.
7. High load-bearing strength and tear resistance.
8. Easy to keep clean
9. Printable. We also can produce printed correx floor protection sheets. 

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