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Corrugated plastic floor protection sheet is a double-wall fluted polypropylene material typically produced in sheet or roll form for a variety of applications. Corrugated plastic sheet is made from polypropylene, a plastic that is designed to not react with water, detergents and acids, making it an excellent property for a protective material due to the material’s water-repellent properties.

It is sometimes called corrugated plastic because its fluted composition is similar to corrugated cardboard. It is also called plastic cardboard because its groove composition is similar to corrugated cardboard, but the raw material is plastic pp. It has many other names for the sheets used as floor protection, coroplast floor protection, corflute protection sheets, corrugated plastic floor protection, correx floor covering, correx floor protection, etc.

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How does Correx protection sheet protect surfaces?

Correx can be laid on multiple surfaces and taped together to create a temporary protective layer on floors and other surfaces. Because Correx sheet is easy to cut, it can be shaped into the shape of a surface or room using a cutting tool such as a utility knife or scissors. A temporary surface that is held in place is less likely to move around and provide an effective layer of protection.

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