corflute plastic tree protectors


Corflute plastic tree protectors are triangular or square or round and are used to protect plants from harsh environments and foraging animals as they grow.

Plastic tree guards are made from a double-wall extruded polypropylene sheet with hollow sections connected by vertical ribs. This kind of board has brands of corflute, correx, polyflute, impraboard, corriboard, coroplast, etc

Folding corflute plastic tree protectors features:

1. Environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, recyclable
2. UV stabilized
3. Waterproof, oil-proof and durable
4. High quality and low price
5. Various thickness and weight are available.
6. Can be customized color and size
7. Can be folded
8. Easy to install

Application of corflute tree guards:

Tree guards are used to protect young trees. Tree guards help stop animals from damaging or destroying seedlings and can greatly improve tree planting success by reducing wind damage. Tree guards and plant guards are also useful in public places to help prevent damage to new and old trees. Decorative tree guards available.

Plastic tree guards, tree protectors

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