How to Die Cut Sheets of Corrugated Plastic?


PP Corrugated Board is easy to cut

Due to their special structure, sheets of corrugated plastic are very tough and durable. But despite its toughness, it can be easily cut even with a utility knife. End users can easily cut the sheet into any shape and any size according to their needs.

Custom molds are required before cutting

The process of die-cutting the polypropylene corrugated sheet requires you to create a custom mold in the desired shape. You can then use it to cut the finished product out of large corrugated plastic sheets. Die-cut custom dies are generally less expensive than other methods used to cut corrugations. Reusable die-cutting fully automatic machines not only improve work efficiency but also reduce labor costs.

Almost zero tolerance

Huiyuan uses high-tech, large-size, and high-capacity cutting machines to provide customers with the highest quality products in the fastest way. Our fully automatic die-cutting machines can process large size sheets up to 2600mm per hour, exceeding thousands of pieces. On the other hand, for flat roll die-cutting, we also offer die-cutting services for larger sizes. Die-cutting dies are produced with almost no +/-mm tolerances, providing precise size and shape cuts for pp corrugated boards.
Sheets of corrugated plastic can be produced in different sizes when extruded according to your requirements, but the overall sheet can be slightly larger or smaller. If customers require precise dimensions, we must use advanced die-cutting dies for cutting.

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By sending your designs or requirements, our graphic design department assists in customizing them for you, our mold frame can be adjusted as you like, no additional mold fee is required. In the early stage, we also provide free samples for your reference. For all corrugated plastic products you buy in our factory, we will keep their original design for you.

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