Introduction to picking boxes for warehouse


Huiyuan picking boxes for warehouse are usually used in warehouses and shelves so that the goods are arranged in an orderly manner and easier to pick up. Correx picking bins have emerged as a solution for warehouse and retail spaces to replace traditional cardboard pick bins. One of the most common reasons is that cardboard cannot withstand heavy loads for long periods of time. Cardboard succumbs to the natural deterioration of fiberboard as well as UV and impact damage. As a result, these units will become unstable and require replacement.

Advantages of PP stacking pick bins

  • Corrosion resistance: remarkable acid and alkali resistance
  • Impact resistance: Very long lifespan
  • Cost-effective: reusable, reducing costs
  • Printable Surface: Available in a variety of colors.
  • Hygienic: Washable, will not rot or corrode
  • Waterproof: adapt to wet environment
  • Recyclable: Minimal ecological impact, reducing resource waste

Customization of PP picking boxes for warehouse

The raw material of Huiyuan stacking pick bins is polypropylene. Not only is it environmentally friendly and recyclable, but it is also particularly economical. Thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm are available. We can not only provide customization in various colors but also can print various patterns according to your requirements. Correx picking bins are produced in a sterile environment, which makes them moisture resistant and can be stored in the refrigerator. Huiyuan also provides samples for your reference before you decide to buy. If you have your own idea, please let us know and we will realize it perfectly for you.

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How to use it?

Reusable corrugated plastic shelf bins that can be sterilized by gamma radiation. It can be used in temperatures from -10°F to 140°F, making it suitable for a variety of applications. These correx picking bins feature an all-plastic hollow construction. Automatic installation without glue or tape. Removable flat for easy storage. Fully customizable interior dividers, insulation, matching trays, handles, and RFID tracking.
The amazing thing is that picking boxes for warehouse can not only be used as home corrugated plastic storage bins for inner clothes (such as small items) but also can be nested into a shelf wall for warehouse management or sales shelves.

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