Huiyuan® Fluted Plastic Sheets: Everything You Should Know


The fluted plastic sheets produced by Huiuan Plastic have hollow structures. It is also called pp hollow board, pp corrugated board, or corrugated plastic sheet. It also has other brand names, such as the more famous ones: Correx, Corflute, Coroplast, Danpla, Cartonplast, Impraboard, and Infraboard. The raw materials of Huiyuan pp hollow board are all made of high-quality polypropylene. This is a very environmentally friendly new material.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a natural ph thermoplastic that is resistant to chemicals, oil, water, and UV light at ambient temperatures. That’s why polypropylene can survive harsh weather conditions. The best part: Polypropylene is corrosion resistant – which makes it perfect for different outdoor uses. It is also important to note that both polyethylene and polycarbonate can be used to produce corrugated plastic. But the price is not as cheap as polypropylene.

Structure of Huiyuan pp corrugated board

The structure of the fluted plastic sheets manufactured by Huiyuan is not complicated, and it is generally divided into two types. One is the most common lattice cross-section sheet, extruded directly from the machine. The other is the honeycomb-structured sheet, which is composed of three layers by hot pressing – two flat plates up and down, and a honeycomb-structured sheet in the middle. Of course, in Huiyuan, in addition to using pure polypropylene as the raw material, the sheets of these two structures can also use polyethylene or polycarbonate as the raw material. Of course, it can also be made by mixing raw materials in scientific proportions.

Benefits of pp hollow board

  • light but sturdy
  • durable and cheap
  • beauty and strength
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, hail proof
  • Acid and alkali resistance Corrosion resistance
  • Anti-drop, anti-wear, and impact resistance
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable
  • In short, buy it! buy it! buy it! (Important things are said three times)

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Colors and sizes of fluted plastic sheets

  • It should be noted that white and black are the most commonly used colors, and pp corrugated boards are available in a variety of colors. So, depending on your project, you can get options that suit your preferences and style. Of course, Huiyuan can also customize the color for you.
  • The size of pp hollow board can also be cut arbitrarily. But it should be noted that the width cannot exceed 2600mm, because this is the largest limitation of the machine. Thickness 2-12mm can be arbitrarily selected according to your usage.

The combination between rigidity and lightness

Want the perfect blend between rigidity and lightness? Think pp corrugated board. Using it, you can be sure of a lightweight board option for all structural applications. In addition, the material is very rigid and can withstand chemical elements, solvents, and even humidity. What’s more, the pp corrugated board is easy to cut. Also, you can drill and fold it easily. It’s affordable – making it a popular choice for most construction projects. In short, pp hollow sheets boards are durable, ultra-light, affordable, and versatile.

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