Flame retardant correx sheet


What is the flame-retardant correx sheet?

Flame retardant correx sheet, as the name implies, is a corrugated polypropylene sheet that can prevent burning.
Flame retardant corrugated pp board is also very simple to manufacture. It is only necessary to add flame retardants to the raw materials. It is also called flame-retardant coroplast/corflute/correx board, fire rated corrugated plastic sheet, fireproof corflute board, etc.

Application of fire rated coroplast board:

Flame-retardant corrugated plastic boards are often used in cold and dry winters. In dry weather, fires are particularly prone to fire due to the large amount of goods piled up in the warehouse. In the event of an accident, the flame-retardant corrugated plastic sheet can directly prevent the spread of flames and minimize losses.

However, in the hot summer, some flammable items can cause fire when they meet high temperature. At this time, the fireproof corflute sheets can play a role in high temperature resistance.

Features of fireproof corrugated pp sheets:

Corrugated plastic packaging can be customized according to size and individual customer requirements, and can be combined with many internal dividers and protectors. Corrugated plastic packaging is strong, stable, durable and reusable, waterproof, non-corrosive, non-rot and easy to clean, so it effectively protects the product.

Due to its carrying capacity, ease of management and resistance, corrugated plastic packaging may be an excellent alternative to wood packaging products. Corrugated plastic packaging is environmentally friendly because it is 100% recyclable.

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