Benefits of using plastic corrugated tree guards


Plastic corrugated tree guard/tree protector/tree shelter/sapling guard is made of UV resistance Correx/corflute/coroplast Sheet , designed to protect the newly planted trees from the damage by bad weather and eating by some animals.
custom corflute tree guards corrugated plastic

The most popular size of corrugated plastic tree guard is 2mm, and the regular GSM is 300g. We also can customize other thickness and GSM for customers, as well as color, shape, etc.

The following is the benefits of using our plastic corrugated tree guards:

(1)Prevent the young trees from being damaged by wind and rain, which can keep warm.

(2)Our corrugated tree guards can prevent direct sunlight, reflect excess sunlight and protect plants from exposure.

(3)Prevent the young plants from being accidentally injured when the machine cleans up weeds.

(4)Prevent damage to small trees when spraying pesticides

(5)The most important thing is to prevent the young tress from being eaten by animals during the seedling period, resulting in their death.

Features of corflute tree guards:

(1)Corflute tree protectors are made of pp corrugated sheets, the raw material is polypropylene, which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material.

(2)Various colors can be customized according to the local natural environment, more eye-catching.

(3)The corrugated plastic tree wraps are foldable, when you transport them, which can save a lot space and money.

(4)The pp corrugated tree guards are printable, and the printing effect is great.

(5)Customizable, flexible.


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