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Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Company is a professional manufacturer of pp corrugated boards. Pp corrugated sheet is extruded from polypropylene raw materials and is a new type of sheet with hollow structure,also called coroplast sheet, Wantong board, correx sheet, danpla sheet, plastic card board, cartonplast,and so on.

5 popular pp corrugated boards:

1) Common corrugated plastic sheets: Most widely used, don’t have some special functions such as anti-static, UV-resistant, fireproof, etc

2) Anti-static/ ESD correx sheets: Produce anti-static corrugated plastic boards, which are widely used in electronic components, mechanical equipment, etc.

3) Flame retardant: Produce fire-proof pp hollow boards, which are widely used in construction, electronics, aviation industries, etc.

4) UV agent: The addition of UV agent will make the coroplast sheets have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and UV resistance, which are widely used in corflute tree protectors, outdoor advertising products(road signs and yard signs, happy birthday signs), etc.

5)Corona treated sheets: They are perfect for signboards, the corona treatment process makes good printing effect with enduring pattern.

Applications of polypropylene corrugated sheets

Our coroplast sheets are suitable for the graphic industry, Sings industry, industrial packaging, agricultural packaging, tote and stationery industry, steel and metal industry, textile, plastics and palettes, bottle and beverage industry, construction and construction industry , tree and plant industry, aquaculture, separators, medical, printing technology, education and stationery, electronics, agriculture and gardening, etc.
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Application details:

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