The benefits of hollow core plastic sheets


Hollow core plastic sheets have many uses and cover a wide range of fields. It is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene, a lightweight and durable board. Huiyuan pp hollow sheet manufacturer can customize corrugated plastic sheets with a thickness of 2-12mm for you, and the width is limited to 2600mm, because the maximum width of the machine is 2600mm, and the length is not restricted. PP hollow board is also known as corrugated plastic sheet, coroplast board, corflute sheet, correx board, danpla sheet, impraboard, etc.

Advantages of hollow core plastic sheets

  • pp hollow sheet price is very cost-effective, and it is much cheaper than disposable cardboard in terms of overall performance.
  • Its raw material is 100% polypropylene, which is a very environmentally friendly material.
  • Plastic retains its shape and won’t break down even when wet.
  • lightweight. Sheets can be easily moved and managed with little effort.
  • Can be folded and shaped. The material is flexible and bendable, making it ideal for totes or pop-up displays.
  • Corrugated plastic retains its shape over time, which is important for signs and storage containers.
  • Available in bright, vibrant colors. The material itself can be made in a variety of vibrant colors, and the surface also makes the printed message pop.
  • Very easy to print. Each board provides a surface on which a variety of inks can be easily applied and does not require any special printing equipment.
  • Can be cut to size. Sheets vary in thickness from 2mm to 12mm and can be cut to size by the manufacturer or easily cut and trimmed on-site using basic tools such as a utility knife or scissors.
  • Can be reused and recycled. When you’re done with your sign or container, the material can be melted down and remade into new sheets or other products. Some manufacturers may even buy back your used or unused material or can take it to a local recycling facility in your area.
  • Fully customizable. PP corrugated sheets with special performance can be customized according to the usage scenarios. Such as anti-static, flame-retardant, anti-UV, conductive, etc.

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About Huiyuan pp corrugated sheet manufacturers

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