White corrugated plastic panels can be used as floor protection


During construction or renovation projects, white corrugated plastic panels protect floors and surfaces from foot traffic, equipment, spills, mud, dirt, and debris. Choosing the right floor protection is critical. White corrugated plastic sheets are also called corflute sheets, coroplast boards, PP hollow sheets, PP corrugated sheets, correx boards, polyflute sheets, etc.

Preventing damage to floors, walls, and other surfaces before it occurs means saving time and money at the end of the project. Even though we know professionals have the skills and experience, accidents can still happen. Floors damaged by heavy machinery, paint spills, dents and scuffs on drywall and finished walls – we’ve seen it all.

Being prepared for these possibilities can help you in the long run. Certain workplaces, such as data centers and medical facilities, also require the use of certain materials to maintain a clean and safe environment. White corrugated plastic panels offer several benefits that make them ideal for temporary floor protection.

How do white corrugated plastic panels protect floors and surfaces from damage?

Made from high-quality polypropylene, our fluted plastic sheets are unique compared to other floor protection options because of their hollow construction, which helps distribute heavy loads and impacts over a larger surface. This reduces the risk of damage to the surface below. Correx white sheets are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the toughest job site conditions thanks to supports designed into the sheets.

If regular floor protection isn’t enough, polypropylene fluted sheets can provide an extra layer of support. It is not only impact-resistant but also liquid-resistant and does not deform when laid flat. On job sites where the pristine condition of the finished flooring is required, coroplast boards also feature a fabric backing to protect the surface from scratches.

Benefits of using white corrugated plastic panels

Heavy-duty floor protection

As mentioned earlier, coroplast panels can withstand heavy machinery and foot traffic on the job site. You can use this rigid board in place of magnesia or plywood anywhere you need it for surface protection. The textured surface enhances grip, and thanks to its impact resistance, you can use this durable floor protector on workstations where you’re cutting wood or metal.

Fire retardant floor protection

Our correx floor protection sheets are also available in a flame retardant (FR) version and are tested and certified to NFPA 701 standards. This makes it ideal for workplaces where flame retardant materials are required, such as data centers, laboratories, government buildings, ships, and more. Pair with our FR seam tape to seam panels together.

Reusable floor protection

One of the great benefits of Correx Floor Covering Sheets is that they are reusable. When you’re done with the job, you can clean the plastic sheet, load it up, and keep it for the next job. By not having to order more materials, you save time and money in the long run.

Versatile: indoor and outdoor applications

White corrugated plastic panels protect floors on the job site several reasons that make pp corrugated boards such a versatile surface protection option. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications and resists deformation even in direct sunlight. It’s also a lightweight alternative to masonry or plywood surface protection, making it easier to use vertically on windows and walls as well as on countertops. With just one product, you can protect your entire job site from the inside out.

When installing, first clean the surface to make sure it is free of any debris that could cause scratches. Then place the correx boards on the surface you want to protect and tape the boards together with heavy-duty tape. To secure corrugated plastic to floors or walls, use edge tape that won’t leave any sticky residue. We recommend testing all tapes in an inconspicuous area before use.

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