Advantages and disadvantages of white corrugated plastic board


The white corrugated plastic board is a lightweight, environmentally friendly, and durable porous material widely used in packaging, advertising, construction, and agriculture. When we need to use this material in our projects, we need to consider some key indicators, such as the thickness, size, weight, and cost of PP corrugated sheets. This article will introduce the characteristics of white corrugated plastic board in detail to help you choose the best application solution.

Corrugated plastic sheets are also called coroplast boards, correx sheets, corflute sheets, danpla sheets, impra boards, PP hollow sheets, etc.

Advantages of white corrugated plastic board:

  1. Lightweight: Due to their porous structure, white correx sheets are lightweight and easy to handle, install, and transport.
  2. Environmental protection: products can be recycled and reused to reduce environmental pollution.
  3. Durable: anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, long service life.
  4. Economical and affordable: Compared with traditional materials such as wood and metal, white corrugated plastic sheets have a higher cost performance.

Disadvantages of white corflute 2400 x 1200:

  1. Limited load-bearing capacity: Although the lattice hollow structure has a certain load-bearing and pressure resistance, it is easily deformed and damaged when it exceeds the bearing range of the material.
  2. Poor scratch resistance: Compared with metal, glass, and other materials, white corflute sheets have relatively poor scratch resistance and are not suitable for high-frequency wear scenarios.

Which applications are ordinary corrugated PP sheets suitable for:

  1. Packaging field: Due to its excellent pressure resistance, moisture resistance, and impact resistance, white corrugated plastic board sheets are often used for packaging and protection of various products such as electronic products, furniture, and food.
  2. Advertising field: PP hollow boards are brightly colored and light in texture, and can be widely used in outdoor advertising, exhibition displays, and other scenes.
  3. Construction field: It has good heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and has good weather resistance. It can be used for heat insulation and decoration of building exterior walls and roofs.
  4. Agricultural field: White corrugated plastic sheets can be used in the production of agricultural facilities such as greenhouses, hydroponics, and cultivation pots to improve the yield and quality of crops.

What are the key indicators to consider when choosing white coroplast panels:

  1. Material thickness: According to actual application requirements, product thickness is usually between 2mm and 12mm. The greater the thickness, the stronger the load-bearing capacity, but the price is relatively higher.
  2. Size: The plates come in various specifications and can be cut as needed to meet the needs of various scenarios.
  3. Weight: Correx boards are lightweight, easy to transport and install, and reduce transportation costs.
  4. Cost: According to the project budget, choose PP corrugated boards with higher cost performance.

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To sum up, the white corrugated plastic board is a new material with wide application prospects. Project needs and budget factors need to be fully considered when selecting to achieve the best results. If you need to customize and purchase corrugated plastic products, please contact us to get the factory price.

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