Features and advantages of white corrugated plastic sheet


In the plastic products market, we are dazzled by the dazzling array of various types of products. Among them, white corrugated plastic sheet is favored by customers because of its unique properties and wide range of applications. Of course, when purchasing and using the white corrugated plastic sheet, you also need to understand its characteristics and performance and how to choose a suitable product. This article will introduce in detail the characteristics of plastic corrugated sheets, understand what PP corrugated boards are, and a guide to purchasing PP hollow sheets.

What is coroplast?

Corrugated plastic sheets, also known as coroplast boards, correx boards, corflute sheets, PP hollow boards, danpla sheets, polyflute boards, etc., are usually made of plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). The sheets are composed of two layers The matrix structure consists of outer panels and vertical connecting arms. Its unique structure allows it to be widely used in many fields such as safes, furniture, electrical appliances, and printing. Different from general plastic products, the white corrugated plastic sheet has certain advantages in terms of lightweight, waterproof, and pressure resistance, so it has become a choice that customers cannot ignore.

Features of white corrugated plastic sheet

  1. Lightweight: Due to the unique hollow structure design of PP hollow boards, they maintain relatively high strength while being light in weight, making them easy to transport and handle.
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection: Corflute sheets can be recycled, and the generated waste sheets can be recycled and processed, reducing production costs and reducing environmental burdens.
  3. Good moisture-proof performance: Plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) have low hygroscopicity and can effectively prevent damage caused by humid environments.
  4. Strong corrosion resistance: Coroplast boards have good chemical corrosion resistance and can be widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
  5. Easy to process: Correx boards can be processed into various shapes through certain processes to meet diverse use needs.
  6. Economical and practical: The price of white corrugated plastic sheets is relatively close to the people, and it has a high-cost performance based on quality and practicality.

Guide to buying PP corrugated sheets

  1. Choose color: white corrugated plastic sheet. The sheet of this color is simple and elegant, easy to match with various scenes, and more beautiful.
  2. Choose quality: The quality of PP hollow boards is often related to the actual use effect, so when purchasing, you must understand the compression resistance, impact resistance, and other properties of the selected material.
  3. Select the thickness: The use requirements in different fields have different thickness requirements for PP corrugated boards. Generally speaking, the thicker the board, the stronger the load-bearing capacity.
  4. Choose the appropriate size: When purchasing coroplast boards, make sure that the size you purchase meets the actual size and processing requirements to avoid wasting space and materials.

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The white corrugated plastic sheet has many advantages such as being lightweight, environmentally protective, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and easy to process. However, when purchasing, you should pay attention to choosing the appropriate color, quality, thickness, and size to meet the needs of use in different scenarios. By understanding the characteristics and purchasing methods of PP corrugated sheets, I believe it will be helpful to you when choosing related products, allowing you to choose the appropriate corrugated plastic products more wisely.

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