Five practical ways to make white corrugated plastic products


White corrugated plastic sheets, as a lightweight, environmentally friendly, easy-to-process material, are increasingly used in modern industry and home decoration. Below we will share user cases to understand the characteristics of white corrugated plastic boards, why we should choose white coroplast sheets to customize various products, and how to conduct a combined analysis of five practical product production methods of white corflute sheets.

Note: corrugated plastic panels are also called coroplast boards, correx sheets, corflute sheets, PP hollow boards, danpla sheets, polyflute sheers, etc.

First, let us understand the characteristics of white corrugated plastic:

  1. Lightweight: Because the internal structure of PP corrugated sheets is hollow, they are light in weight and easy to transport and install.
  2. Environmental protection: White coroplast boards are made of polypropylene environmentally friendly material, which has good regeneration performance and will not cause pollution to the environment.
  3. Easy to process: Corflute boards are easy to cut, drill, weld, and other processing methods, and can be customized according to needs.
  4. Good impact resistance: White correx sheets have impact resistance, tensile resistance, compression resistance, and other properties, and are suitable for use in various harsh environments.

Through the above sharing from Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer, we can understand that the reason why white corrugated plastic is chosen to customize various products is because it is lightweight, environmentally friendly, easy to process, etc., and is deeply loved by users.

Below we will share five practical methods for making corrugated plastic products.

Case 1: Coroplast Signs

Users process white coroplast sheets into advertising display boards of suitable size by cutting, drilling, etc., which are suitable for various exhibitions, shopping malls, and other scenes, and are beautiful and practical.

Case 2: Corrugated Plastic Desk Dividers

White corrugated plastic panels can be processed into partitions of various sizes according to user needs and can be used to divide spaces in offices, schools, homes, etc., to achieve the effects of warmth, sound insulation, and beauty.

Case 3: Corrugated Plastic Packaging Boxes

White corflute sheets can be used to customize packaging boxes according to the size and shape of the goods or items to protect the goods and facilitate transportation.

Case 4: Corrugated Plastic Recycling Bins

Users can print garbage classification logos on white corrugated plastic sheets and produce corrugated plastic trash cans to promote garbage classification management.

Case 5: Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Because white PP hollow sheets have good impact resistance and are environmentally friendly, they can be processed into fruit and vegetable packaging boxes, pallets, and picking boxes that are safe, reliable, clean and hygienic.

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It is easy to see from the above sharing that white corrugated plastic boards are widely used in various industries because of their lightweight, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-process characteristics, allowing users to easily customize various products according to their needs. The above five practical products are only part of them. I believe that coroplast sheets will play more roles in future applications.

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