Common Uses for plastic corrugated boards


Plastic corrugated boards go by many names. Different countries will be used to the name, such as coroplast, correx, corflute, corex, cartonplast, polyflute, danpla, impraboard. Whatever name you choose, this polypropylene-based plastic sheet is known for being economical, lightweight, and durable.

Besides the many names, corrugated plastic sheets have many potential uses. Many people know it as a material for outdoor signs. But this is only one of the areas where PP flute sheets can be useful. Here we mainly explain the common applications of plastic corrugated boards. Common Uses for plastic corrugated boards

Danpla box for packaging

Many manufacturing industries are using disposable cartons as packaging boxes, but when customers receive the products, they will always find that some products are damaged due to extrusion or collision. In order to solve this problem, many manufacturing industries began to choose corrugated plastic boxes as product packaging. Corrugated plastic packaging boxes are not only bright in color, but also can be printed with various patterns to make your packaging more upscale. If you need to create boxes or packaging for products or personal items, corrugated plastic can be easily cut and combined with multiple parts to create the exact shape you need.

Coroplast shipping boxes for logistics

Since corflute sheets are strong enough, logistics shipping boxes can be customized. Since it is extremely durable, it can protect delicate or valuable items from the elements while they are being stored or transported. If you want more load-bearing capacity, you can strengthen the box by installing metal frame bars. Professional coroplast manufacturers provide one-stop services of customization, design and printing. Here we recommend Huiyuan polypropylene sheet suppliers.

Retail and Trade Show Displays

Plus, corrugated plastic is strong enough to create custom displays to showcase products or draw attention to a business at a retail store, trade show, or special event. If you run a business or have a hobby, you may wish to sell or display your creations at events such as local craft fairs, this material may come in handy.

For example, you can create a small shelf that displays multiple products throughout the display area. You can also integrate a custom typographic logo detailing what each product is or stock price or other relevant information.

Corflute signs

One of the most common uses for corrugated plastic correx board is to make custom signs. Due to the good UV resistance of this material, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Typically you’ll see it in lawn signs such as those used for elections, garage sales, schools, special events, or local businesses. In addition to not breaking down easily when exposed to the elements, another reason this material is so popular for these types of signs is that it is economical and easy to mass produce signs quickly. Corrugated plastic boards come in a variety of colors so you can choose the design that best suits your event or business. Custom messages can then be printed directly onto the sheet so you can customize it to your exact design needs.

Correx bee boxes

The Correx bee boxes are the place where the bees thrive during beekeeping, and they are the most basic beekeeping tool. Correx nuc box is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene, people also call it corrugated plastic nuc box and correx bee boxes. Because of its lightweight, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and moisture-proof characteristics, it has slowly replaced the traditional wooden bee box.

Other Custom PP Corrugated Products

Plastic tree guards, correx floor protection, corrugated plastic wardrobes, writing boards, breeding cages, temporary shelters, vegetable and fruit boxes, etc.

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