What is corrugated plastic?


What is corrugated plastic?

Corrugated Plastic is a kind of environmentally friendly plastic sheet made in China, which is widely used. It is also known as Coroplast, Corflute, Correx, Polflute, Danpla, Impraboard, and many more. Corrugated Plastic is reusable, lightweight, versatile, printable, durable, waterproof, and recyclable through recycling facilities.

What is corrugated plastic made of?

Plastic corrugated boards are made of polypropylene, an environmentally friendly material that is a waste by-product of the petroleum industry. It was once burned into the atmosphere, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, using more PP in products may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. PP is manufactured without any hazardous emissions.

Polypropylene is an environmentally conscious choice that offers a wide range of advantages over other materials. It’s also a better choice than other plastics because it doesn’t release any toxic chemicals during recycling, has a relatively low carbon footprint (it uses the least amount of energy in its production), and is safe for human health.

Uses of coroplast sheets

  1. Trading board

    Many companies choose to display some of their latest creations outside of their facilities to attract new clients. For this use, Corflute boards are ideal as they allow easy printing of text and images. Builders temporarily hang Corflute trading boards outside properties they are working on. These employees can attract new clients for themselves through the Correx trading bulletin board, as the board includes relevant contact details. The best part is that PP fluted trading boards are easy to move, which means they can be taken from one site to another without costing an extra penny.

  2. Direction signs

    Corrugated plastic sheets are a popular choice for those organizing marathons or other events that require guidance. Inexpensive to manufacture, polypropylene corrugated sheets are ideal for outdoor use and can be easily snapped into place. Use the same directional signs at your next event as danpla sheets are so durable. Many traffic police departments also use coroplast direction signs to notify drivers of road closures or other warning signs on the street.

  3. Building protection board

    Construction sites need to place a variety of signage at the entrance. In addition to the basic “under construction” signs, there are also signs for heavy machinery or underground excavations. Since these construction panels are supposed to remain on the construction site for the duration of the project, Correx panels were the perfect choice. In addition, Correx boards are used as protective fencing and floor protection during construction. Cover large corrugated plastic sheets on the objects that need to be protected to avoid damage caused by collisions.

  4. Packaging

    Polypropylene fluted board 4X8 can be directly used as layer pads, palletizing bottles, or canned products. Make packaging more convenient and stable. Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer can also customize corrugated plastic packaging boxes with printing for you. PP corrugated boxes can replace all styles of cardboard boxes and are stronger. Usually, cartonplast boxes can be folded, which is convenient for installation and saves transportation costs.

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Where to buy corrugated plastic

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