Top 5 Plastic Corrugated Sheet Manufacturers


Huiyuan is one of the famous plastic corrugated sheet manufacturers in China and has opened 4 branches by 2023. Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer was established in 2008, with a professional R&D team and business team, providing you with one-stop services of design, customization, printing, welding, and edge banding. Huiyuan corrugated plastic sheets are made of high-quality polypropylene, which solves quality problems from raw materials. We can produce 2-12mm plates, and the color can be customized. Our boards can be used for advertising boards, floor protection, layer pads, isolation boards, writing pads. We can also customize various corrugated plastic products for you.

Corrugated plastic sheets are also known as coroplast boards, correx sheets, corflute sheets, danpla boards, pp hollow sheets, etc.

What’s a corflute?

Corflute sheets—also known as fluted polypropylene sheets—are a polyolefin product known for their lightweight and versatility across many industries and applications. This material has replaced many other manufacturing materials as it tends to be both low-cost and high performing.

Because polypropylene tends to be rigid, it is often used for manufacturing molded material and can come in different grades depending on the manufacturer’s specific needs.

Coroplast sheets have a wide range of advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: It is also recyclable, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in the plastic industry.
  • EASY TO MANUFACTURE AND CUSTOMIZE: Easy to cut, shape and customize for easy fabrication and precise adaptation to specific project requirements.
  • UV Resistance: Our products have excellent UV resistance, ensuring color stability and persistence even when exposed to sunlight, making them suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Moisture Resistance: It is highly moisture resistant making it ideal for applications requiring protection against water, moisture and moisture related issues.
  • Multifunctional Application: With its versatility, Huiyuan Coroplast Sheets can be applied in signage, packaging, construction and other fields, which can meet the needs of various projects.
  • Enhanced Impact Resistance: Its corrugated design enhances impact resistance, preventing potential damage and maintaining structural integrity.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: corrugated plastic sheets have a lightweight composition and are easy to handle, transport and install, providing convenience for a variety of applications.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: Correx sheets offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable and long-lasting solutions.

coroplast sheet, correx, corflute, pp hollow corrugated plastic sheet

Where to buy coroplast cheap?-Huiyuan plastic corrugated sheet manufacturers

When purchasing, you need to consider related factors such as price, quality, and distance. Huiyuan is one of the most professional plastic corrugated sheet manufacturers in China. With a full set of advanced equipment, the geographical location is superior. It is located in Suzhou City, close to Shanghai Port. Huiyuan’s main business is exporting corrugated plastic products, custom corrugated plastic boxes, coroplast signs, PP tree guards, correx floor protection, plastic layer pads, and plastic wardrobe boxes for moving. The core idea is to provide customers with a complete set of packaging solutions. Huiyuan has been in business for 15 years and exported to America, Europe, Australia, and Eastern Europe. It has been recognized all over the world. Welcome to contact us for free samples!

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