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Huiyuan is one of the top 5 fluted polypropylene sheet suppliers in China, specializing in the production of corrugated plastic sheets. Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer can provide printing, design, customization one-stop service. The main designed products are corrugated plastic packaging boxes, coroplast signs, coroplast shipping boxes, correx floor protection, PP tier sheets, writing boards, breeding cages, plastic tree guards, isolation boards, corrugated plastic dividers, correx pick bins, temporary shelters, etc.


How to judge whether fluted polypropylene sheet suppliers are professional?

1. Is the quotation timely

Many middlemen or agents often pretend to be the source manufacturers to gain the trust of customers. Here is a way for everyone to identify whether it is the real source of corrugated plastic manufactures, that is, whether the quotation is timely. Often middlemen cannot give you a product quotation immediately, and they need to consult the source manufacturer before they can give you a quotation. Usually, a manufacturer can calculate the price within 30 minutes.

2. Whether it has the ability to design and customize

There are indeed some small or just-started fluted polypropylene sheet manufacturers, but their talents and equipment are not complete, so they can only make corrugated plastic products with simple processes. If your products still need printing, welding, edge banding and other technologies, such immature manufacturers cannot meet your requirements. So we must keep our eyes open, so how to judge whether the manufacturer is mature? You can ask the manufacturer to make a sample for you first to check whether the sample is qualified.

3. Is the price reasonable

A professional coroplast manufacturer can give you the most reasonable price. If the price is too much higher than the market price, either the manufacturer’s quotation is too high, or the middleman makes the difference. But a mature manufacturer will not falsely report too high a price, which will affect its reputation. Therefore, it is also very important to find quotations from several manufacturers and compare prices. Choose the best quality at the reasonable price.

4. Is the delivery on time

Delivery time is very important to customers, and missing the time period of market demand may cause very serious losses. So after confirming the pp corrugated sheet supplier, place a small order first to test whether the delivery date is on time, and then place a large order. Of course, customers should also reserve some sufficient time in advance according to their own needs.

5. Can provide professional pre-sales and after-sales service

Service is the foundation of a manufacturer’s survival. If the service is not good, it is impossible to become bigger and stronger. The pre-sales service is very good to judge whether it is professional and enthusiastic, but the after-sales service is difficult to guarantee! Here is a small method for everyone, you can write some terms in the contract, such as how long is the shelf life of the product, what percentage of the product’s pass rate must be achieved, how much payment will be compensated for the delay in delivery, and so on. General professional fluted polypropylene sheet suppliers will agree to these terms. Because professional manufacturers rarely make these mistakes. However, this kind of mistake will also occur in professional manufacturers, but because of their strength, they can compensate you for the losses caused. So when looking for corflute sheet suppliers, you must not be greedy for cheap. Because professional manufacturers can solve many problems for you.

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