How is pp flute sheet made?


PP flute sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, often used in construction, decoration, and printing fields. Polypropylene corrugated sheet, as a new type of material, is often used to replace medium density boards. It is often used as outer packaging protection boards, backing boards, shelves, partitions, bottom boards, or protection boards for various items.

In the prior art, the PP flute board is often made of high molecular polymers such as polypropylene, so that it has high structural strength and at the same time ensures that its board body is relatively light. PP flute sheet is also known as coroplast sheet, correx board, polyflute sheet, danpla board, corflute sheet, impraboard and so on.

The production process of pp flute sheet

  1. Choose high-quality raw materials and add masterbatch particles according to the desired color. Adjust the ratio of raw materials according to the hardness and grammage of coroplast boards desired by customers.
  2. Put the prepared raw materials into the mixer and stir them slowly. The workers need to observe the operation of the machine and slowly put in the raw materials at a constant speed.
  3. The stirred raw materials are heated and dissolved and then extruded through the mold. The excellent alloy mold lips and resistance flow blocks are provided to provide uniform pressure.
  4. The raw material for molding mold molding is cooled and drawn vacuum. Adjust the width of the shaping table according to the width of different hollow boards degree size.
  5. The corrugated plastic sheets after cooling and shaping are extruded flatly from the outlet according to the size set in advance.


Advantages of coroplast sheets

  • Correx boards are strong, semi-rigid, weather and chemical resistant and lightweight.
  • It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and has a wide range of applications.
  • Corflute sheets are also fully recyclable and very cost-effective.
  • Since it can be easily digital/screen printed, all corrugated plastic signs are very common.
  • Fluted polypropylene sheets are weather resistant and can be wiped clean without affecting the printing effect.
  • What’s more invincible is that it can be customized into panels with various characteristics to adapt to various environments, such as fire prevention, anti-static, conductive, anti-static and other functions.

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