The Precautions For Using corrugated plastic mail totes


The Precautions For Using corrugated plastic mail totes

Corrugated plastic mail totes have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, recyclable, reusable, etc., and are widely used in various industries. Whether it is logistics, electronic manufacturing, machining plants, or even agriculture, you can see polypropylene corrugated boxes. Below, Corrugated Plastic Tote Wholesalers introduces the precautions for using corrugated postal mail tots :

1. Before installing the box, you need to know the correct installation method. When installing a corrugated plastic tote, if it is a simple box, it can be installed directly without operating instructions. If it is a more complicated box or a box with special requirements, you need to read the installation instructions of the boxor ask professional salesman.

2. When picking and placing the polypropylene corrugatedbox, do not use too much force, or exceed the load-bearing range of the corrugated paper. When we use the box or move the box, do not use too much force. While our cases are indeed sturdy, they will last longer if handled with care

3. Avoid exposure of corrugated plastic mail totes to sunlight and rain, deal with media that can cause corrosion problems, and eliminate harmful media. These methods are relatively simple and effective. Try to avoid exposing pp corrugated boxes to sunlight or rain. Although polypropylene corrugated boxes can be waterproof and moisture-proof, you should also pay attention.

4. Properly clean the corrugated plastic bin , do not grind or clean the pp corrugated box with a strong alkali, and do not wipe the surface with a hard brush to avoid burrs. Because the box is waterproof, if the surface is just dust, just wipe it with a damp towel and let it dry naturally. For moe dirty boxes, you need to use detergent to clean, choose a mild detergent, and wipe with a towel.

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