Is Corrugated Plastic Sheet Anti-static?


Is Corrugated Plastic Sheet Anti-static? The answer is yes. Anti-static Corrugated Plastic Sheet also can be called esd pp corrugated sheet,esd correx sheet.

As we all know, corrugated board has great advantages in the same level of board. It is made of recycled PP material, so it is lightweight. The same goes for antistatic correx sheets made from this sheet, with these advantages.
esd-corrugated-corrugated-plastic-sheet, esd pp corrugated sheet

1. In addition to being environmentally friendly and non-toxic, PP hollow board also has anti-static function. For some very precise instruments or metal products, it is very suitable to use hollow sheet turnover boxes during transportation and storage.

2. Anti-static principle of polypropylene hollow board. In fact, the reason why this sheet is anti-static is that it has anti-static particles added to the material as an accessory during the production process. It is worth noting that the anti-static board can only be made in black.

3. But there are also various anti-static pp corrugated sheets on the market. Some products entered the market without strict testing. If we are not careful, we may buy substandard products. caused serious damage to their own interests.

4. To buy, you must also know the manufacturer, production batch number, production date in detail, and choose the appropriate model from the dazzling product specifications.

Before buying, you also need to know how to identify a good esd pp corrugated sheet. If you need to know more details, please click the link,

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