What are the factors affect plastic corrugated sheet price


For customers who want to buy corrugated plastic sheets(also known as correx/coroplast/corflute/polyflute/danpla/pp hollow/pp flute sheets), the price and quality of pp hollow boards and the service of suppliers are the most concerned factors. Today we will tell you about some factors that affect the price of corrugated plastic sheets.

1.Raw Material of coroplast sheets

Plastic Corrugated Sheet is made from recyclable harmless polypropylene(PP).Like all products, polypropylene will have price fluctuations, and the coroplast sheet price will change with the changes in polypropylene. We have been a manufacturer for more than 15 years and have fixed cooperative suppliers. Because of the large demand for polypropylene, our raw material prices have always been advantageous, which has saved us a lot of costs.

So the coroplast cost has also increased a lot of advantages.

2.Color of pp flute board sheets

Blue corrugated plastic sheets, grey corrugated plastic boards, white corrugated plastic sheets, black corrugated plastic boards are our regular sheets.These sheets of regular colors are cheaper than the ones of special color.

For one thing, it’s easier to make sure the accurate color customers need;

For another, these are most popular products, manufacturers usually will have same color orders, so they can arrange production together.

3.Correx board production process

Most of the sheets are with standard requirements, workers can pack directly after the machine.But if needs extra treatments like edge sealed, round corner, corona treated, printing, etc. It may increase correx boards price.

4.Functions of pp corrugated sheets

We can produce the correx sheets with Flame Retardant function, Anti UV, Anti Static or conductive function. In order to achieve such a special function, it is necessary to add corresponding auxiliary materials to the raw materials. These auxiliary materials are more expensive than polypropylene, so it directly affects the final price of the board. Therefore, the price pf pp corrugated sheets with special functions is higher.


GSM means Gram per Square Meter, shows the density of the sheet.

For the same amount of Square Meters, the higher GSM, the higher the Weight, the more material, and the more cost.

6.Size of plastic cardboard

As mentioned above, the quotation relates to the square meters. And it depends on the size directly. The bigger size, the higher plastic cardboard price.

7.Printing of corflute sheets

Some customers would require printing after producing. This is workable, but need to add the cost, so the corflute sheet price is higher.

It depends on the print method(silk printing, digital printing), the color(single color, double color, multi color), the content(simple words or complicate pictures). The more complex the printed pattern and the larger the printed area, the higher the corflute signs price.

8.Packing of pp hollow sheets

The usual packing of plastic hollow sheets are PE Film wrapped, this saves a lot of space and is usually free for customers.

But to save the cost at destination port, or some customers prefers, or platforms like Amazon also required doing so, packing by plastic pallets is also available. It rises the cost, but still quite cost effective.

9.Delivery of corrugated plastic sheet

In most conditions, deliver by air is definitely more expensive than by ship.

But since March of 2021, the freight cost to many countries rised crazily, and there are many other charges like the Port Congestion Surcharge.

If you’re considering to buy just some CBM(LCL, not FCL), deliver by air is also a choice to consider.

10.Quantity of corflute boards

Different quantities sends different signals to the suppliers. Trial Order, LCL, FCL, FCLs. The more, the better.

For some suppliers, they keep enough negotiating space for the quotation, so customers who have large quantity can have a good talk, and get a better price.

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