What’s the material of corex corflute?


Corex corflute is made of high quality polypropylene, it is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications. It is produced via chain-growth polymerization from the monomer propylene.

Today we will introduce the material of corex corflute sheet to you:

Polypropylene belongs to the group of polyolefins and is partially crystalline and non-polar. Its properties are similar to polyethylene, but it is slightly harder and more heat resistant. It is a white, mechanically rugged material and has a high chemical resistance.

Polypropylene plastic crafts can be formed by extruders, plastic machines, hollow injection molding, welding, and heating molding or polyurethane foam molding, or mechanical processing and manufacturing methods, and the surface of the crafts can also be electroplated. The plastic hollow board is produced and formed according to the extruder. It not only inherits the advantages of polypropylene, but also improves its dyeing agent, packaging and printing, and adhesion in the production and processing. Various kinds of protection can be added during manufacturing. Electrostatic materials and flame-retardant materials have improved characteristics, which expands its application function and scope.

The main uses of polypropylene plastic are very wide. It can not only be made into plastic hollow boards but also various plastic films, hollow crafts, injection craft crafts, various pipe fittings, plate, and sheet crafts, flat belts, and chemical fibers. And other crafts.

Corex corflute sheets also have the characteristic of polypropylene, welcome yo contact us for corex corflute board at the most competitive price!

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