PP carton box VS carton box


PP carton boxes are made of corrugated polypropylene boards, the material is non-toxic recyclable polypropylene, in order to know more about pp carton box, here we will make some comparison with carton box:

  1. In the process of conveying and transportation, when the goods contact the pp carton box, no paper scraps will be produced, which ensures the quality of the product and the smooth progress of the conveying. When using paper packaging, the goods collide with the packaging cardboard, and paper scraps are likely to appear in a short period of time, causing pollution to the product.
  2. The plastic carton box can be cleaned and reused many times, and the packaging cost is greatly reduced. Cardboard packaging is used less frequently. Usually, paper packaging is only used once. Although the price is much lower than that of hollow boards, paper packaging is not cost-effective because it cannot be recycled.
  3. Plastic carton bin is not afraid of water and can still be used in humid climates. Cardboard is afraid of water and has limitations in use.
  4. The box made of plastic cardboard board can be produced according to customer needs, and auxiliary materials can be added according to customer needs, so that the plastic carton box has conductive or antistatic properties or fire resistance. But the carton box can’t be made into the one with special functions.

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