Corrugated plastic storage boxes


Corrugated plastic storage boxes/bins/containers(also known as coroplast/corflute/correx boxes), they are made of strong and durable corrugated plastic boards, widely used for various industries.

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a professional pp corrugated box manufacturer and can fabricate sheets into various of reusable packing boxes for packing or transporting fruit, vegetable, sea food, auto parts, clothes, glasses, files, etc. Our corrugated package bin is good for its light weight, water proof, anti-corrosion and non-toxic so it can be recycled use with many times. It is good material to replace paper cartons or boxes.

Advantages of corrugated plastic storage boxes:

  1. 1. The correx bin has stable chemical properties, is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, and is environmentally friendly.
  2. The material of the pp corrugated bin is light, tensile and high compressive strength.
  3. Corflute plastic bins can add different color masterbatches to the raw materials according to the different needs of customers to produce polypropylene corrugated containers of various colors.
  4. There are many kinds of corrugated plastic storage boxes. Anti-static correx plastic totes can be produced by adding the anti-static/ESD agent to the raw material, the flame-retardant plastic core boxes can be produced by adding flame retardant to the raw material, and conductive agent can be added to the raw material to produce Conductive correx bins.
  5.  The corrugated plastic box is moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, salt-alkali resistant.
  6. The sheet material of the corrugated plastic container is extremely processable, and it can be used for painting, filming and other processes.

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