What are polypropylene plastic sheets?


Polypropylene plastic sheets are low-cost, chemically resistant plastic. The pp sheet is very light in weight, yet highly resistant to impact and chemical or acid corrosion. This material is easily welded using thermoplastic welding equipment. It is often made the water and chemical containers. It has low water absorption and can be used in food applications. It also provides good electrical insulation and resistance to cracking.

Polypropylene sheet is also a very beneficial and adaptable engineering plastic with a wide range of uses in many different industries/applications. This plastic has replaced many other plastics, reducing costs and improving performance for many component manufacturers.

Advantages of the pp plastic sheet

  • Polypropylene panels can be easily shaped, formed, and vac-formed, this allows this material to be used in the fabrication industry and will produce high-quality items that are used in many varied industries including automotive.
  • The pp plate sheet is almost impossible to bond with current adhesives, although future adhesives in this area may change this situation, until this time, Polypropylene can be welded with simple welding equipment and a welding rod.
  • The pp board sheet is very lightweight and has a density of only 0.91g/cm3 and is a plastic that actually floats and also can help with handling where large components are employed.
  • The pp solid sheet has excellent acid and chemical resistance which helps in the production of chemical and acid tanks and also acid-resistant seals.
  • The pp plastic board is also very economical and can have equal performance to other materials at a much lower price.
  • The pp material sheet also has very low moisture absorption and at 0.03, this can improve product and component stability and also helps with bacterial resistance.

Applications of polypropylene panels

  • The pp rigid sheet is well known for its uses within the prosthetic industry as polypropylene can be heated and molded to an excellent shape to particularly enable foot, leg, or other limb supports to be produced accurately
  • Another useful application for polypropylene plastic sheets is the use within cleanrooms for cladding walls and creating a durable barrier that is both tough and resistant to strong cleaning fluids
  • The pp sheet is regularly used for lining or complete manufacture of acid and chemical tanks
  • The polypropylene sheet is also sometimes used as back or chopping boards within the packing industry as it helps when the sharpened cutters penetrate the cardboard and acts as a substrate for the edges of the cutters
  • Other useful applications for pp plastic sheets include swimming pools due to their chlorine and water resistance and also battery boxes, this is due to polypropylene having excellent acid resistance.

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