Light Green Corflute Tree Protectors


Description of corflute tree protectors: 

The low survival rate of seedlings hurts farmers’ heads, and protection of seedlings is anxious, so the corflute tree protectors were born. It is also known as corflute tree guard/ correx tree guard/coroplast sapling protectors/corrugated plastic tree guards. The corrugated plastic tree protector is made of corrugated polypropylene board, usually with wood stick insert the soil and near the small trees to protect them from sunshine, wind and bad weather.
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The parameter with coroplast sapling protectors:

Name Corrugated plastic tree guards/corflute tree guards/corflute tree protector
Material Eco-friendly polypropylene
Size Customizable
Shape Customized, round, square, triangular, etc
Thickness (mm) 2mm,  or customized
Weight(g/sqm) 300GSM—800GSM, or customized
Options Ordinary
Colors Light green, white, transparent, Customized
OEM/ODM Accept

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Why use corflute tree guards?

1. Prevent the seedlings from being damaged by wind and rain, which can keep them warm.
2. Prevent damage to saplings when spraying pesticides
3. The most important thing is to prevent the seedlings from being eaten by animals during the seedling period, resulting in seedling death.
4. Various colors can be customized according to the local natural environment, more eye-catching.
5. Prevent direct sunlight, reflect excess sunlight, and protect seedlings from exposure
6. Prevent the sapling from being accidentally injured when the machine cleans up weeds.
7. In addition, corrugated plastic tree guards are made of corrugated plastic panels, the raw material is
polypropylene, which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material.

When is the best time to use a plastic tree guard?

The best time to install a tree guard is to install it immediately after you plant a new tree, because this time the tree is the smallest and most vulnerable. At this time, the trees are small and the leaves are relatively tender. Because the trees are short, they are more likely to be eaten by animals. Tree protection can not only prevent being eaten by animals, but also prevent direct sunlight from shining on the trees, and can keep warm and prevent others from stepping on them.

It should be noted that when installing sapling protection, make sure that the stakes are far enough away from the roots so as not to cause any undue damage. If your tree has been sunburned or gnawed by wallabies, and as long as the damage is not too severe, even at this stage, you are likely to be able to save it by protecting the tree with a tree protector.

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