Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards nz made in China


Agriculture in New Zealand is very developed. In order to prevent crops from being attacked by birds and animals and damaged by wind and rain, farmers will also choose suitable plastic tree guards nz to protect their crops. New Zealand is also known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, like a paradise. It is very comfortable without the hustle and bustle of mainland life. It is far away from industrial pollution and has the purest natural grassland in the world. Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer exports corrugated plastic tree guards to New Zealand one or more times almost every month, and we maintain long-term cooperative relations with many New Zealand customers.

Advantages of corrugated plastic tree guards nz

  1. Abandoned plastic tree protectors can also be recycled and reused, which effectively saves resources and is very economical.
  2. Of course, the color of the plastic corrugated tree guards is particularly rich, you can choose the color you like.
  3. It not only promotes the vigorous growth of seedlings and enhances resistance, but also creates a better growth environment for seedlings to the greatest extent in the event of natural disasters.
  4. The corrugated plastic tree protectors have the characteristics of anti-UV, which is very suitable for outdoor use all year round.
  5. Compared with the iron sapling protection, the plastic sapling protectors will not rust due to moisture, which will affect the appearance and service life.
  6. The corrugated plastic tree guard is very easy to install, just needs to be folded and fixed according to the designed indentation.
  7. The plastic tree protector plays an important role in improving the yield and quality of seedlings and the survival rate of afforestation.

How do corflute tree guards work?

  1. Cover the soil around the root site of the seedling tree with appropriately sized PP corrugated tree protectors. But leave 2 inches of space between the trunk and the tree guards. This method inhibits weeds from growing near the trunk and helps prevent lawn grass from encroaching on the area.
  2. Open a plastic tree guard along the open seam, slide the plastic tree protectors around the trunk and slide them down until their bottoms rest against the soil. Plastic corrugated tree protectors not only protect from mechanical damage but also prevent rodents from chewing on the tender bark.
  3. Pull out weeds growing through plastic tree protectors by hand. Use a string trimmer for weeds around the mulch area to prevent damage to the trunk.
  4. People usually remove plastic tree guards within one to two years as the saplings grow. The exact time depends on the species of the tree. Refill the mulch once or twice a year to maintain its depth so it continues to suppress weed growth.

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What is the material of Huiyuan corflute plant guards?

People make corflute plastic tree guards nz directly from lightweight PP corrugated cardboard. The material of these boards is non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene. By adding pigment particles to polypropylene you can get the color you like. Therefore, many manufacturers will choose this material as a raw material to develop new products. For example, corflute plant guards are one of them.

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