PP Corrugated ESD Packaging Boxes


PP Corrugated ESD Packaging Boxes are ESD boxes made of polypropylene that provides effective and optimal protection for electrostatic sensitive components etc. These boxes form a “Faraday cage” that isolates and protects electric fields, so ESD corrugated boxes are ideal for storing and transporting static-sensitive products. We provide tailor-made solutions for PP ESD storage boxes. Therefore, the collection is available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Our advantages for PP ESD packaging boxes:

1. Best material selection

We provide quality materials for your products. They are eco-friendly and we can guarantee that all mass-produced items are identical to perfect pre-production samples, with exactly the same materials and workmanship.

2. Competitive price

We have professional designers and advanced equipment, so our products are of high quality and at competitive prices.

3. Provide after-sales service

In addition, after-sales service is necessary to better understand your needs. We do keep a close eye on it. We hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you with our good quality and service.

Related PP ESD Corrugated Box

ESD antistatic polypropylene plastic PP sheet is a high-strength, durable, and lightweight packaging material. The user can recycle this board. At the same time, this environmentally friendly material will not pollute the environment. Manufacturers usually use ESD PP corrugated sheets to make various boxes, boxes, partitions, etc. Therefore, it is the first choice in the electronics industry.

PP ESD corrugated box is mainly used in the production of electrostatic factory workshops, taking compartments, isolating parking spaces, packaging items, and decorating homes. Anti-static corrugated plastic sheets can also be placed in anti-static crates and anti-static hollow board crates as layers or directly fabricated. It can be used for the transportation and storage of pp hollow crates, electronic components, and various electrical appliances. In order to solve the shipping cost of our customers, we recommend the foldable correx box with dividers.

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