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Coroplast printing is made of corrugated plastic sheets. The structure of the panels is hollow lattice-like, making the sign light, strong, and easy to install. Often people will attach wire support to the bottom of it to plug it into the ground and keep it upright. If you don’t want to use H-Stakes for printed coroplast signs, you can easily hang them on any surface using string, nails, and grommets.

Applications of coroplast sign printing, including:

  1. Temporary sign
  2. Folding display board
  3. Supermarket promotion board
  4. Hazard warning
  5. Road/Traffic/Construction Signs
  6. Various applications such as event exhibitions

Features of coroplast printing

  1. Easy to customize, and print logo according to customer requirements.
  2. The price is beautiful and the cost is low.
  3. Anti-ultraviolet, and can still be used for a long time outdoors.
  4. The surface is smooth, and easy to print and the color is durable and does not fade.
  5. Waterproof and moisture-proof, not affected by rainy days.
  6. One can use it with many accessories, such as metal brackets, ropes, and nails.
  7. Lightweight and very durable.
  8. It is easy to carry and fix because they are light.

Common specifications of printed coroplast signs

  • Structure: Double-walled hollow lattice
  • Color: Coroplast whiteboard, blank corrugated plastic signs, or black, red, etc.
  • Thickness: 6mm coroplast signs, 5mm coroplast yard signs, 4mm coroplast signs,
  • Size:18×24 coroplast signs,24 x 36 coroplast signs, 4×8 coroplast signs, a4 correx signs,a3 correx signs,a2 correx signs,a1 correx signs,a0 correx printing.
  • Remarks: The size, thickness, and color of custom coroplast signs can be customized according to customer requirements. So don’t limit yourself to regular specs.

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The raw material of wholesale coroplast signs

Polypropylene is the main raw material for coroplast printing because of its environmentally friendly and non-toxic properties. It is a thermoplastic resin with excellent properties, showing a white waxy appearance and a transparent appearance. It has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties, good high wear-resistant processing properties, etc. In the advertising industry, people mainly value its superior coloring effect and low cost.

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