Why is fluted plastic sheet the most popular?


Huiyuan fluted plastic sheet is a polypropylene plastic product, a lightweight material known for its versatility in many industries and applications. Fluted plastic panels are used in the graphic arts, packaging, agricultural, automotive, and industrial markets. Common applications include signage, trade show, and retail displays, bookbinding/fixing, crating, dividers or liners in packaging, vehicle trunk liners, and more. Strong, reusable, recyclable, waterproof polypropylene fluted board is superior to disposable corrugated board. It is often used to make boxes for fresh-cut asparagus, celery, broccoli, and fresh corn. Polypropylene has good resistance to chemical or acid attacks, low moisture absorption, and good electrical insulation.

The fluted plastic sheet is popular in different regions with different brand names, such as Coroplast, Corflute, Corrugated Plastic, Correx, Cartonplast s a c, PP Hollow Board, etc.

How to choose the best coroplast sheets to protect your products?

One of the most important aspects of logistics is the packaging of goods. Packaging materials provide much-needed security for items stored inside, and corrugated plastic sheets are one of the most popular packaging materials. It is more advantageous to use this kind of packaging sheet to customize the box.

Corrugation refers to the part contained between the lining boards of corflute boxes. The grooved structure helps make the case more durable and able to withstand greater pressure. It affects how easily correx boxes dent and how high PP corrugated boxes can be stacked for shipping.

How thick is the fluted plastic sheet?

The thickness of PP corrugated sheets is crucial in determining how strong the corrugated plastic box or shipping container will be. The thickness of the PP corrugated sheet produced by Huiyuan plastic corrugated manufacturer is 2-12mm. This thickness can vary according to the product being packaged and the specific requirements of the customer.

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Which packaging sheet is the strongest?

The strongest packaging sheets happen to be the fluted polypropylene sheet. Its strength is due to the raw material ratio of the board and the size of the pores. 100% polypropylene/new material coroplast boxes are stronger and allow them to be stacked higher without bending. For the most durable type of packaging sheet, the fluted plastic sheet is the first choice.

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