When to Use Fluted Plastic Panels?


Fluted plastic panels are hollow plastic panels made of polypropylene. The structure is hollow lattice, which is why they are also called double-walled plastic panels or sheets. The structural shape of corrugated plastic sheets makes them highly shock-absorbing, lightweight, and infinitely versatile in packaging, construction, and printing.

Leading brands of PP fluted sheets include Coroplast, FlutePlast, Correx, Corflute, Twinplast, Polyflute, Corriboard, Proplex, corrugated board plastic, Polionda, PP hollow sheets, etc.

Below are examples of how you can use fluted plastic panels in various industrial or residential applications:

1. When making construction estimates

In the residential or commercial construction industry, coroplast sheets are ideal for use as temporary protective sheets in building areas. You can also use this sheets to make a temporary structure to mimic a real structure you want to build, such as a house. Because correx sheets are easy to cut and install, it’s easy to build virtual structures to gauge how much permanent material you’ll need. Making virtual structures with coroplast material saves you time and helps you reduce costs by avoiding waste.

2. When you want to protect walls and floors on construction sites

Sand is traditionally used to protect floors and woven plastic mesh is used to protect walls on construction sites. Correx floor protection can be used where shock absorption or thicker floor protection is required. Laying correx boards close to each other on the floor or attaching them to wooden plinths and supporting them against the wall can avoid damage to floors and walls from falling or flying light objects. The same PP hollow sheets set can be used as a temporary floor covering when doing home or office improvements and renovations.

3. When making a simple plastic airplane

Simple Plastic Aircraft Design (SPAD) using coroplast board. Airplanes are more common among hobbyists. But you can also build such planes as an architect, construction company, mining company, farmer, designer, or contractor. Commercially, you could use this small aircraft to monitor construction sites, warehouses, or small farms.

4 When you need reusable packaging materials

You may have seen corrugated plastic boxes in various styles. These corrugated pp sheets are perfect for this application and can replace disposable cartons. Because they are reusable, lightweight, and easy to cut. Containers made of polypropylene corrugated plastic sheet are a good choice if you are shipping lightweight but bulky merchandise. An added advantage is that the panels are recyclable and can be upcycled. Due to its shock-absorbing properties, you can also use fluted plastic panels as product-filling material. The hollow space in the inner layer traps air for reliable shock absorption.

5. When you want to build a home for your pet

Urine from pets such as rabbits is corrosive and can corrode metal panels. If you plan to build a hatch with a urine collection system, you can install corflute sheets on the slopes below each level. Rabbit urine runs down the panel and can be collected through the drain at the lower end of the panel. There are several corflute boards under each layer, so the rabbits on the upper layer don’t pee on the rabbits on the lower layer. In addition to rabbit houses, fluted plastic sheets are also used in cages for small animals such as hedgehogs and guinea pigs.

6. When erecting temporary signage

Most temporary signs use coroplast panels that can withstand extreme outdoor conditions such as rain. You can use PP corrugated sheets to make construction site signs, election campaign signs, real estate signs, trade show displays, commercial advertising signs, yard sale signs, and lawn signs. You can also use blank coroplast sheets to create socially supportive signs (such as signs people place in front of their homes in support of COVID-19 healthcare workers).

7. When using corrigated plastic sheet to build temporary humanitarian shelters

The same properties mentioned above regarding the suitability of corrugated plastic boards in erecting outdoor structures apply when you want to build temporary humanitarian shelters. Apart from the above features, easy transport, easy cleaning, lightweight and easy installation further make corex boards ideal for temporary shelters. Such shelters include people identification sheds, first aid points, treatment rooms, and temporary mini-houses. The design will depend on what the structure will be used for and how long you intend to use it.

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