Use And Maintenance Of danpla box


Danpla box is a new type of turnover box in various industries, many people also call it correx box, corflute box, or coroplast box, it also can be called corrugated plastic bin, pp corrugated box, corrugated plastic tote, and corrugated plastic containers. They have the characteristics of waterproof, durable, cost-effective, strong and durable, recyclable, etc.

Though pp corrugated bin has so many super  advantages, we still need to maintain it well, so we use the correx bin longer.

Here are Use And Maintenance Of danpla box:

  1. Handle it gently during use to avoid damage caused by uneven force when landing.
  2. The corflute boxes hould avoid long-term exposure to avoid aging and shorten the service life.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to throw the corrugated plastic container from a high place, so as to avoid container being broken and cracked due to violent impact.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to throw the goods into the corrugated plastic bin from a height. Reasonably determine the stacking method of the goods in the correx pp box to avoid the sharp surface directly pressing on the bottom of the turnover box. The goods should be placed evenly and should not be stacked in a concentrated or eccentric manner.
  5. When using coroplast boxes, the load of a single box should not exceed 80% of the rated value, and the box should not be full. A gap of at least 20mm should be left to prevent the goods from directly touching the bottom of the box, causing damage or contamination of the product.
  6. When stacking, the load-bearing capacity of its own correx box should be considered, and the stacking height should be paid attention to.
  7. When using the matching pallet, it should be considered whether the size of the corrugated polypropylene tote is suitable for the use of the plastic pallet, so as to avoid improper size, improper placement, side tilt or overturning of the box.
  8. The combination code of the danpla bin box should be properly bundled and wrapped on the plastic pallet to facilitate mechanical loading, unloading, transportation and use, and meet the loading, unloading, transportation and storage requirements.

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