Custom Danpla Plastic Sheet


The danpla plastic sheet(also known as correx plastic sheet, corflute/correx/coroplast sheet) is extruded from polypropylene raw materials and is a new type of structural material. The material has stable properties and is not easy to age. It is an excellent alternative packaging material that meets the requirements of the new century. The pp danpla plastic sheet can be used in many applications:
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1. Danpla packaging sheet.

Mainly replace ideal environmental protection materials such as corrugated cardboard, wood board, metal plate, etc.;

2.Industrial board.

The outer packaging protection of various articles: pads, racks, partitions, bottom plates, cross plates, etc.;

3. Danpla plastic box.

Danpla boxes for packaging auto parts, food packaging boxes, beverage turnover boxes, pesticide packaging boxes, inner packaging of precision instruments, pads, partitions, and transportation storage turnover boxes, anti-static correx plastic boxes, etc.;

4.Electronic industry packaging.

ESD packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic parts, the purpose is to prevent other charged objects from contacting them, causing parts to spark damage due to electric friction.

5.Advertising & Sign boards.

Display boards, product identification boards, billboards, lightboxes, window shapes, etc.

6.Household use.

Temporary partitions of houses, wall guards, ceiling boards, container covers, etc.;


Used for back panels of washing machines, automobiles, water heaters, baby carriages, etc., as well as packaging, storage, and transportation pads.

Danpla Plastic Sheet manufacturer

Since its establishment, the company has always been market-oriented, serving customers as its purpose, strengthening internal management of the company, and continuously meeting the needs of domestic and foreign customers. The corrugated plastic sheets produced by the company has won the favor of customers in Europe, America, Australia,Singapore, Southeast Asian countries and other countries.

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