What is PP honeycomb panel?


PP Honeycomb panel is the abbreviation of polypropylene honeycomb panel , you also call it plastic honeycomb panel/board/sheet. It is an alveolar 100% polypropylene board. The honeycomb structure combines great versatility and high performances . It is recyclable and eco-friendly, non-toxic, resistant to mechanical stress and chemical agents, thermoformable, with a weight range from 1050 gr/sqm to 6500 gr/sqm and a thickness range from 3.5mm to 13 mm.
Polypropylene-Honeycomb-Panel,Plastic-Honeycomb-Board2,PP honeycomb panel

PP bubble guard board also referred to as rigid pp bubble sheet is made from Polypropylene and has three layers. The outer and the inner layer is sheet of PP which holds the solid rigid hollow bubble that provides strength and shape to the sheet. It is used in a number of applications including packaging of steel coils, plastic Gaylord pallet box packaging separators, false ceiling, wall panels, door panels, wood protectors, floor covering, wall facing boards, advertising boards and other applications.

Advantages of pp honeycomb panels:

1. Light weight and material saving:

pp honeycomb panel has the excellent mechanical performance. Compared with other boards, it can achieve the same effect with less consumables, low cost and light weight.

2. Stable chemical performance:

Corrugated plastic honeycomb panels can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-resistant, fumigation, compared with cardboard, wood has obvious advantages.

3. Good mechanical properties:

The special structure of plastic bubble guard sheet makes it have good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning and shockproof, high rigidity and good bending properties.

4. Environmental protection:

100% recyclable, non-toxic, reusable, environment-friendly.

Video of polypropylene honeycomb boards

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