Customize Corrugated Plastic Trays to match your company brand


Your competitors are already using corrugated plastic trays made by Huiyuan. As a result, not only can they get the job done quickly and efficiently, but they can also keep their customers happy with short lead times. Corrugated plastic tote minimizes damage to inventory during storage. Use it to reduce labor costs and increase the efficiency of processing more orders. And all of this is achieved through the effective use of corrugated plastic tote boxes.

Choosing a freestanding tote or shelf corrugated plastic tote?

  • If you are in a retail business, wholesale corrugated plastic tote boxes on custom shelves. Sort products by category for easier picking and checking of inventory. They can also be created to the specific dimensions of your shelves, truly maximizing your available space.
  • However, in addition to “shelf boxes”, it is also possible to create so-called “stack boxes”. These, not placed on a shelf, are freestanding and can be used at the end of aisles or other underutilized floor space.

Customize the size of corrugated plastic trays

Going back to the more practical customization options, if you decide to use corrugated plastic nesting totes, you can specify custom sizes. The right size for your warehouse, product, or available space. While most standard boxes are designed to work with regular-sized shelves (hence they are sometimes referred to as shelf boxes), this may not be suitable for your own setup or your specific product. Another inherent benefit of using a custom-sized corrugated plastic tote is that it can often be nested and stacked. The main benefit of this is that they are stacked when not in use, saving space and making them suitable for peak use when needed.

Custom-colored corrugated plastic tote boxes

When asked to use corrugated plastic nesting totes in a specific color, the first thing that many businesses think of is associating them with the company’s brand. It makes sense and makes your brand look smart. It reinforces your brand message if you’ve ever taken a customer or supplier tour. Custom color can even help build employee affinity for your brand.

With corrugated plastic trays in a variety of colors (and custom equivalents in almost any color), many companies will match their corporate branding as closely as possible. With matching corrugated plastic tote colors, the different ranges and products can be clearly highlighted.

An example of the corrugated plastic tote

If you are a fashion retailer, you can use green stacking totes for evening wear, red corrugated plastic nesting totes for shoes, blue PP storage totes for leisure items, and more.

This will help your team find specific items in your warehouse on a very basic level. Any efficiency gains can be passed on to your customers through shorter lead times.

Printing pattern, LOGO, and product information

Many will also consider printing their corrugated plastic nesting totes. While this can be used for inventory segmentation, it is not suitable if your product line is likely to change frequently. Due to the setup cost of printing, it is also only suitable for adding higher-level product ranges or groups rather than specific items (however, digital printing can alleviate this to some extent).

However, where printed corrugated plastic tote boxes really come into play is by adding branding and company logos. While not required, it certainly helps to improve the look of your warehouse or storage area and can add a professional vibe (this can be very important).

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Add labels for corrugated plastic nesting totes

Similar to the color of your corrugated plastic trays, if that’s not practical (or you want to be very close to the brand), you can use labels as an alternative. In fact, the use of labels and color coding is widely considered good practice, as colors can indicate product groups or ranges, and labels provide specific information about individual products or sizes, etc.

While self-adhesive labels can be used, a more flexible solution is an integrated or individually attached label holder. These allow the card insert to be held in place, which can then be removed and your collection updated frequently. Again, this helps minimize the time spent finding products, allowing you to fulfill orders faster.

Choice of strength/material thickness

If you wish to specify custom corrugated plastic tote boxes, you can choose the material that best suits your application. For example, for lightweight items, you can use relatively lightweight corrugated plastic sheets, as this will still provide the necessary organization and protection while minimizing cost. However, for protection and safe storage of heavier items, stronger, more durable materials should be used. While this will cost more initially, it’s important to consider lifecycle costs at this stage. A more robust product will cost more, but will also last longer. Ultimately, its content will be better protected.

Specialist Properties of corrugated plastic trays

Finally, if you are producing special items that require additional storage protection. You can take advantage of crates with specific properties.

For example, if your inventory contains microchips and other static-sensitive devices or components, you might consider antistatic options. If your product is flammable, you can choose flame retardant corrugated plastic nesting totes.

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