PP Warehouse Picking Boxes Made by Huiyuan


Are you still looking for quick and efficient warehouse picking boxes? Then you need to pay more attention because your competitors are already using our corrugated plastic nestable pick bins. If you want to reduce the cost of manual picking and organize your warehouse efficiently, then picking bins for warehouse will meet your usage standards.

8 options to enhance your picking boxes for warehouse

  1. Special Materials/Properties
  2. Freestanding or shelf design
  3. Change strength/material thickness
  4. Tailored size
  5. Inner divider
  6. external printing
  7. Label
  8. Custom color

Although, you’re probably already using correx pick bins. As mentioned at the outset, it’s likely that your competitors are also using warehouse picking boxes or similar, diluting or negating any advantage you may have. But you can simply enhance your corrugated plastic nestable pick bins with the 8 options above, each of which can reduce costs, increase productivity, and potentially give you an edge over the competition.

Advantages of correx pick bins

  • This has many direct and indirect benefits. First, warehouse picking boxes reduce your labor costs – because more orders can be picked per person per working day.
  • Second, they allow you to fulfill more orders and grow your business. Corrugated plastic nestable pick bins also help boost employee morale, effectively making their jobs easier and less frustrating.
  • This also indirectly affects your relationship with customers. Orders are shipped faster. Order picking errors are minimized. Inventory will not be damaged in storage.
  • Obviously, picking bins for warehouse can be used to organize and segment your inventory efficiently, enabling you to manage your inventory more efficiently.
  • More than that, they allow your warehouse workforce to pick items faster and more efficiently.
  • Ultimately, you can serve your customers better and faster, who in turn are more likely to repeat business and recommend your company and products to others. Most importantly, it helps your overall sales.
  • Correx pick bins for warehouses (or racks or parts bins) offer many obvious and hidden benefits to your operation.

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So, would you choose warehouse picking boxes?

The answer is “yes”. You obviously want your business to provide at least as good a service as your competitors, preferably better. But how would you do this if they were already using corrugated plastic nestable pick bins and efficient order picking and packing processes? One answer might be to look for advanced strategies in your order picking and packing process. However, a simpler answer is to directly utilize specific picking bins for warehouse according to your specific requirements.

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While the efficiency, productivity, and cost benefits of using warehouse picking boxes alone may be relatively small, together they can drive real improvements to the overall warehouse and order fulfillment process.

Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., LTD is committed to continuous improvement and implements a strict quality control program in all aspects of its operations. We obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2008 and continue to use and improve the system until the current date.

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