5 reasons to consider corrugated plastic sign for your business


The corrugated plastic sign is a lightweight and cost-effective sign material ideal for a variety of indoor and short-term outdoor use. Corrugated plastics are also known under the brand names Corflute, Correx, Coroplast, etc. It is an extremely versatile extruded double-wall polypropylene sheet. Blank corrugated plastic signs are also waterproof and can be customized in thickness, shape, color, and finish to suit your specific signage needs. Corrugated plastic poster board is also easy to install. It can be attached to a post or hung on the wall and ceiling with suitable accessories.

5 reasons to consider plastic corrugated sign board for your business

1. Corrugated plastic yard signs are easy to maintain and install

Since the PP plastic outdoor sign board is very lightweight (hollow structure), it can be easily installed and removed. You can use ropes, stakes, Velcro, screws, nails and even tape to secure it to any place of use. Or we can also design triangular folded standing signs for easy movement and organization. Therefore, this easy-to-install corrugated plastic sign is often used in outdoor temporary event venues.

2. Blank corrugated plastic signs are very durable

Because its raw material is polypropylene material, it is very waterproof, weather-resistant, and friction-resistant. The corrugated plastic board specially treated by Huiyuan retains pigments well and is not easy to fade. So your corrugated plastic poster board will last for many years, even in the Australian sun. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain damage. Although the plastic corrugated sign board is easy to cut, you cannot tear it by hand.

3. PP plastic outdoor sign board is low cost and very cheap

Corrugated plastic yard signs are extremely cost-effective, especially compared to more expensive options such as colored signs or aluminum sheets. It also prints well and can be used outdoors for about 3 years. Save the customer the trouble of repeatedly customizing the design. For merchants who often organize different themed events, the price is acceptable for high-frequency changes.

4. The corrugated plastic sign is fully customizable

From small point-of-sale countertop signs to large stage designs, Huiyuan can custom cut any shape or size and help you design the perfect sign for your business. You can even create 3D designs! Although PP fluted board cannot be wider than 2600mm, it is perfectly possible to join multiple pieces together to create a huge display sign if you wish. The thickness range is 2-12mm, if you need to thicken it can be customized. If you need a mounting bracket, we can also find the right bracket for you and only charge you the factory price.

5. Corrugated plastic poster board is lightweight and easy to carry

Since corrugated plastic is made of lightweight polypropylene plastic, it is an excellent choice for any type of portable signage. Just put it in the trunk of your car. Therefore, it is a great choice for trade shows and exhibition signage.

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What is coroplast sign?

The plastic corrugated sign board is corrugated polypropylene (a type of plastic), usually 3mm to 5mm wide. In life, you can see corrugated plastic signs on many occasions. For example, election sites, real estate companies, construction sites, roadsides, shopping malls, and the most popular clothing size charts used in live rooms also use PP corrugated sheets. Because it’s plastic, the coroplast sign is a great choice for color prints, especially if your sign needs to stand out outdoors.

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