About the versatility of plastic corrugated sign board


The Plastic Corrugated Sign Board, this kind of sign and plastic board not only has many names but also has many more uses. The corrugated plastic sign is also known as Correx sign, Coroplast sign, Corflute sign, coro sign, and so on. Due to its unique combination of durability and affordability, the corrugated plastic board is a very popular choice for short-term signs and containers.
If you’re considering corrugated plastic for your upcoming project, here’s what you need to know and consider about this highly versatile material.

What are the benefits of using the plastic corrugated sign board?

PP plastic outdoor sign board is a unique combination of durable, economical, lightweight, and flexible. This combination makes it incredibly versatile, so it can be used for a variety of projects and displays.

  1. Flexibility – The Plastic corrugated sign board is strong enough to lay flat on its own but flexible enough to give you a variety of options. Cut, bend, staple, punch holes in it for grommets… whatever you need to do!
  2. Durability – Corrugated plastic sign is not invincible nor meant to show forever, but it can take a serious hit from rain, sunlight, or human handling before showing any signs of aging. The corrugated plastic sheet is also resistant to damage by insects and rodents.
  3. Lightweight – To transport, install and display the plastic outdoor sign board, you never have to worry about the walls collapsing or anyone getting hurt.
  4. Affordable – Corrugated plastic sign printing is the cheapest outdoor display material on the market. Printing and cutting on corrugated plastic boards is a simple and inexpensive process that does not require highly specialized equipment.

What are the common uses of the corrugated plastic sign?

The most common use of corrugated plastic sign printing is for temporary outdoor signage, especially on patios. Campaign signs, home safety notices, real estate signs, “for sale” signs, and stop signs, are all examples of corrugated plastic signs.
Many manufacturers of containers and packaging also choose corrugated plastic sheets as the material. Because they are both lightweight and strong, many postal services use them to make corrugated plastic mail totes.

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Corrugated plastic sign printing

Corrugated plastic is an excellent printing material. Smooth surface, easy to print. We can print graphics directly on PP plastic sheet. Because the plastic film is usually bright white, the full color looks great on corrugated plastic.

Ways to show plastic outdoor sign board

Plastic corrugated sign boards are versatile and give you a variety of suspension options. Below are some of the most common ways to display corrugated plastic signs.

  • Frame Signs – A-Frame Signs are especially useful if you want to display your sign on the sidewalk during business hours but remove it after closing. They also give you the possibility to change images on a regular basis – a great solution if your business cycle goes through specials and sales!
  • Hooks – One of the most common ways you see a hanging coroplast logo is by punching holes in the logo. Owners of signs often punch holes in the signs so they can insert hooks, grommets, or zippers to hang them out. The only problem is that when you poke holes in the coroplast signs, they start to deteriorate faster over time. To prevent further tearing and make the logo look more refined, you can use grommets.
  • Wire Mounting Stakes – People print classic yard signs on corrugated plastic. Then lightly hammer it into the soil.

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