Corrugated plastic fruit and vegetable packaging boxes


Corrugated plastic fruit and vegetable packaging boxes are widely used in the produce industry. Polypropylene packaging is waterproof, hygienic, customizable, and provides optimal protection for vegetables, fruits, and fresh produce. Now it’s even easier to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to their destination with our PP corrugated fruit and vegetable boxes.
Let us briefly explain why plastic corrugated boxes can become the first choice for the fruit and vegetable industry.

Advantages of corrugated plastic vegetable boxes

  1. Lightweight yet strong and durable
  2. Non-toxic and chemical resistant.
  3. Logo and company advertisements can be printed to increase brand awareness.
  4. Customizable design, size, color thickness, and density availability
  5. Fruit and vegetable packaging boxes are reusable and recyclable. low cost.
  6. Flat pack, reduce shipping costs and save shipping costs.
  7. Waterproof and moisture-proof, washable.
  8. Food Contact Compliance.
  9. High-temperature resistance, UV resistance.
  10. Clean and hygienic, with no paper scraps like cardboard.

Why choose pp corrugated sheets for fruit and vegetable packaging boxes?

The raw material of Pp corrugated plastic sheets is non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene. It is a very environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and odorless, and can be in direct contact with food. Polypropylene is also very ductile and has strong plasticity. Not only that, polypropylene has excellent waterproof performance and corrosion resistance. At first, people only realized that this material is suitable for packaging, but after discovering its environmentally friendly and non-toxic properties, it is used for the packaging and transportation of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits.

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