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To customize a large number of corrugated plastic sheets and boxes, you should choose professional corrugated plastic manufacturers. Huiyuan is a very famous coroplast manufacturer, correx supplier, corflute factory in China. Huiyuan has 3 plastic corrugated sheet manufacturers in China, with businesses all over the world. And has more than 17 years of successful export experience, the main markets are European and American markets and Asian markets. If you are a foreign wholesaler, agent, or packaging industry, you can choose Huiyuan Plastic Products. Our quality is stable and many customers will repurchase regularly. So if you want to sell our reusable PP corrugated sheets and boxes locally, you don’t have to worry about the different quality of products produced in different batches.

Plastic corrugated has different names in different countries, such as Correx, Corflute, Coroplast, Imfraboard, Infraboard, Polyflute, etc. The material is eco-friendly polypropylene. As long as the product you need is made of corrugated plastic, you can contact us. We not only customize coroplast boxes, corflute boxes, coroplast boxes, and pp corrugated boxes but also design many products, such as wardrobes, advertising boards, sapling protection, floor protection, layer pads, and so on.

Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturers have designed and customized PP corrugated boxes for hundreds of well-known enterprises

Plastic corrugated foldable boxes

The foldable corrugated plastic box has always been Huiyuan’s strength, and this type of product is very convenient for transportation and storage. The foldable corrugated plastic box is very easy to install, we all have installation videos, if necessary, you can also contact our customer service. The design of Collapsible corrugated plastic boxes is very novel and unique, and there are many folding styles. Huiyuan corrugated plastic box manufacturers will recommend the most suitable design for you according to your application.

Corrugated plastic storage bins

Corrugated plastic storage bins are a great storage helper. Messy warehouses can use correx picking bins to organize goods. Supermarkets can also use correx euro stacking pick bins to classify different snacks, such as potato chips, biscuits, chocolate, etc. PP stacking pick bins can be stacked into shelf walls for warehouses, supermarkets, and underwear stores. Books from elementary school to college can be stored in different correx pick bins according to different grades. The baby’s small toys can also be stored in corrugated plastic bins, making the whole room look tidy and generous.

Corrugated plastic totes

Corrugated plastic totes are also one of our most successful cases because it has so many uses. You can see corrugated plastic tray bins of various colors and sizes in the supermarket, and the sorted goods are placed inside, which is very convenient for people to take. Of course, at the post office, people use corrugated plastic mail totes to sort mail. In pharmacies, in order to find medicines more quickly, doctors and nurses also use postal totes corrugated plastic to classify medicines. In Huiyuan, our own company also uses PP postal mail tote to classify important documents of different departments.

Corrugated plastic shipping boxes

Many logistics companies or businesses that need round-trip turnover need this kind of corrugated plastic shipping boxes that can be recycled. Because the disposable carton may be broken due to other factors in the middle, thus damaging the product. So the birth of coroplast shipping boxes solved one of the most troublesome things for them.

Share the production process of a corrugated plastic box

  1. Mix the color – add color particles in the raw material (polypropylene) according to the color you want.
  2. Extruded board – The board is a corrugated plastic sheet made by extrusion, and its structure is a hollow structure.
  3. Cutting – Carry out cutting and indentation processing according to the drawings drawn by the designer.
  4. Printing – Some brand chambers will require printing of logos or product specifications, and printing the content that meets the needs.
  5. Welding – There are many ways of welding, and you can choose the effect you want. Welding methods include ultrasonic welding, seamless welding, rivet welding, etc.
  6. Install accessories – Some corrugated plastic containers need to install plastic handles and frames. We can also place dividers in pp corrugated boxes according to customers’ needs.
  7. Packaging – generally 10 pieces are a small package, wrapped with a transparent plastic film, or according to the customer’s request. The boxes that Huiyuan often exports overseas are such folded corrugated plastic boxes.

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Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturers have been relying on technological progress, equipment updates, and continuous training of employees to ensure the company’s position in the plastics industry. The company will continue to uphold the spirit of quality service and integrity management as the foundation of business operations, and sincerely cooperate with customers and help each other. We will stick to our credibility and promises, and serve our customers wholeheartedly.

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