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Huiyuan is a professional coroplast manufacturer in China, mainly exporting to New Zealand, UK, Australia, US, and other European and American countries. Our main products are coroplast sheets, coroplast boxes, coroplast signs, corflute plant guards, corrugated plastic floor protection sheets and PP pallet layer pads, etc. Coroplast has different brand names in different countries eg. Corflute, Correx, Corex, Cartanplast, Impraboard, Infraboard, Corrugated Plastic, etc. This is a plastic sheet made of environmentally friendly polypropylene, flexible and durable. There are hundreds of coroplast suppliers in China alone, so choosing the one that suits you is really key.

Applications of Huiyuan coroplast boards

Advertising industry

Coroplast sheets with a smooth surface are of course an excellent choice for advertising boards. Coroplast signs are often used in road signs, hazard warnings, election signs, corrugated plastic yard signs, promotional signs, etc. Because of its lightweight and easy installation, many temporary places will choose this plastic corrugated sign board to improve work efficiency.

Beverage Industry

PP corrugated sheets can also be used directly in PP layer pads, which are a divider that increases the stability of the pallet load. Often people will seal the edges of corrugated plastic sheets, which will be more hygienic.

Construction Site

Correx boards can be directly used as floor protection boards on construction sites, and are favored by the industry because of their friction resistance, high quality, and low price. Correx floor protection sheets generally choose 2mm or 3mm, and the color is mostly black. Of course, sheets of other thicknesses and colors can be used. If you want a more economical correx protection board, choose 2mm black corrugated polypropylene floor protector.

Agriculture and Forestry Protection

Corflute tree guards are actually sapling protection devices folded from corflute sheets. Because of its many advantages, it is especially suitable for outdoor use. So people use them for seedling protection to improve the survival rate of seedlings. Generally, it can be about 1-2 years. At this time, the seedlings have become stronger and need to be replaced with larger corrugated plastic tree guards.

Logistics industry

Corrugated plastic shipping containers can be used for logistics turnover. Because the corrugated polypropylene boxes are waterproof, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant, for long-distance transportation, they can better protect the goods inside from the harsh environment and increase the pass rate of products.

Packaging industry

Corrugated plastic packaging boxes can be customized in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses according to customers’ requirements. Because the products of each company are different, the packaging boxes basically need to be customized. For cups, bowls, and small items, they can be used with dividers in the pp corrugated box to avoid item collisions and effectively use space. Every enterprise can print LOGO on the outside of the box to improve branding.

Advantages of Huiyuan coroplast sheets and boxes

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless, 100% recyclable.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-proof.
  • Can be folded or stacked to save shipping costs
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Wear-resistant, impact-resistant.
  • The surface is smooth and easy to print.
  • The colors are rich and bright.
  • Thickness 2-12mm optional.
  • easy to install.
  • Reusable and super cost-effective.
  • Anti-static, flame retardant, anti-UV, etc.
  • Welcome to contact us for customization

Why Huiyuan coroplast manufacturer is your best choice?

  1. First of all, we have a professional R&D team and sales team. We can not only help you design and customize exclusive coroplast products technically but also provide you with valuable services professionally. Even if one day you choose other coroplast company, you don’t have to worry about being cheated. Because working with us once is also an opportunity to grow and learn.
  2. Secondly, our raw materials are all high-quality polypropylene, and we have stable and long-term cooperative raw material suppliers. Not only the cost problem is solved from the source, but also the quality problem is solved from the source. We have cooperated with our raw material suppliers for 17+ years, and have established a very stable and friendly win-win relationship.
  3. Third, Huiyuan obtained the professional certifications of SGS, ISO9001, ISO 14000, etc. as early as 2008. Huiyuan is a very professional coroplast manufacturer in China
  4. Fourth, our delivery time is very fast. We currently have 3 factories and have enough space to store the inventory that sells well. If the product you want does not need to be customized, it can be completed and shipped in about 3 days.
  5. Fifth, we are very supportive of customized products. A good coroplast manufacturer requires constant thinking and innovation. And we are very willing to support small and medium-sized enterprises, develop and make progress together with you. We currently have a support plan for new enterprises. If your company is just starting up and needs the cooperation of a professional manufacturer, please contact Huiyuan.
  6. Finally, Huiyuan employees are a group of interesting and responsible people. If you don’t want to feel tired and stressed in the next work, welcome to contact us for interesting and professional business. We can bring you professional services and Bring you happiness.

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