Advantages of coroplast corrugated plastic box


As a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable coroplast box(also known as correx box, corflute box, pp corrugated box) production material, coroplast corrugated plastic board is highly praised by related companies and customers in the logistics packaging industry. Many of its advantages and features cannot be replaced by other materials.
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Compared with traditional cardboard and wooden boards, coroplast corrugated plastic box can be reused and recycled, which is convenient to use, easy to store and has a long service life. In addition, the product is waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-absorbing, recyclable, etc., and has high social and economic value.

Usually the traditional carton is broken after a few times of use, and the coroplast box is about 100 times that of the carton, which can flexibly produce related corrugated plastic products, and the size, thickness, toughness, hardness, printing, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.

Compared to expensive injection molded boxes, coroplast corrugated polypropylene boxes are much cheaper. The characteristic of the correx box is that it can be folded, and the foldable corrugated pp box can be repaired. When multiple boxes are stacked and used multiple times, storage space can be reduced. Partial damage and some accessories can be repaired. There is no need to scrap the whole box, which effectively saves the cost and consumption of the plant. In addition, the corflute box can also print various patterns and characters on the box body, and its colors are various.

Our c boxes are used in many industries, such as the electronics industry, agriculture, logistics, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The commonly used coroplast corrugated plastic box types are as follows:


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