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Corrugated plastic board/sheet/panel(also called corflute/correx/coroplast/polypropylene hollow board) is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. The raw material is polypropylene plastic, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human, will not cause pollution to the environment, and can realize waste reuse.

What does corrugated plastic board look like?

Corrugated polypropylene board/sheet/panel usually comprises what appear to be three layers – two flat sheets with a ribbed center layer. In fact, they are really two layers, often referred to as twinwall plastic.It’s an extruded corrugated sheet with hollow structure,rich in colors. The surface is very flat and smooth.
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What are the characteristics of polypropylene hollow board?

In addition to the properties of plastic, wood, paper and glass, the hollow polypropylene board also has the characteristics of heat resistance, flame retardant, cold resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, etc. Its rigidity, hardness, compressive strength, dimensional stability Physical and mechanical properties such as resistance and heat resistance are worrying about other plastic products.

The correx board is a new material with light weight (hollow structure) and corrosion resistance. Compared with the traditional cardboard structure products, the correx plastic sheet has obvious advantages of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, which can increase the number of turnovers and reduce the average cost per use. , and no need to design an injection mold separately, which can reduce costs.

Corrugated plastic board parameters:

Description corrugated plastic sheet / board/panel
Material PP (polypropylene)
Width (mm) ≤2600 mm
Length(mm) Customized
Thickness (mm) 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Weight(g/sqm) 250GSM—3000GSM according to customized
Function Common
Corona Treated ( Dyne 60+)
Anti-Static ESD (10^6~10^9)
Conductive (10^3~10^5)
Anti-UV Stabilized
Colors Blue, white, grey, black, Customized
OEM/ODM Accept


Classification of coroplast boards:

The hollow board can be divided into four categories: ordinary pp hollow sheet, anti-static pp corrugated sheet, conductive coroplast board and flame retardant correx sheet. The anti-static/esd pp corrugated board is mainly used in the packaging of electronic parts, the purpose is to prevent other charged objects from contacting it, causing spark damage to the parts due to electric friction. Fireproof hollow board, widely used in construction, electronics, aviation industry, etc. Conductive hollow panels are mainly used in the photovoltaic industry. Ordinary hollow boards are the most common and are used in all aspects of life, such as advertising boards, correx floor protection sheets, sapling protection, vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, garbage boxes, and more.

What is corrugated polypropylene board used for?

The superior performance of hollow boards has been recognized more and more, and has been widely used in electronics, packaging, machinery, light industry, food, home appliances and other industries, and can provide customized services according to customer needs.

There are many types of plastic hollow board products, including hollow board turnover boxes (anti-static boxes, vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, bee boxes, pet boxes, seafood packaging boxes, garbage boxes, plastic wardrobes), hollow board knife cards, partitions, various advertisements board, floor protection, sapling protection, Dunk Pong Basketball Beer Pong, Corrugated Plastic Display Stand, Corrugated Plastic Desk Dividers/sneeze guards, etc.
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