Will the pp hollow sheet fade in the wind and sun?


The durability of hollow board billboard printing has always been one of the key issues of concern in the advertising industry. When considering whether it is easy to fall off, we must first recognize that hollow panels, as a lightweight, sturdy, and durable material, have excellent wind and sun resistance. However, the printing parts of billboards, especially those made with ordinary ink or low-quality printing techniques, may indeed experience peeling or fading under prolonged exposure to wind and sun.

If high-quality ink and advanced printing technology are used for patterns or text printed on hollow boards, their weather resistance will be significantly improved. High quality ink can better penetrate the surface of the hollow board, forming a strong protective film that effectively resists wind and rain erosion and ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, advanced printing techniques such as UV printing can also enhance the adhesion and durability of the printing layer, ensuring that billboards can still maintain a clear and bright visual effect when displayed outdoors for a long time.

Whether hollow board billboards will fade under wind and sun depends on multiple factors. The following is a detailed analysis of this issue:

1、 Fading reasons
UV Impact: Sunlight usually carries a certain amount of high-energy UV rays. Prolonged exposure to this environment may cause changes in the molecular structure of organic dyes or colored inks on billboards, leading to their fading.
Temperature and humidity: Changes in environmental temperature and humidity may also affect the color stability of billboards.

2、 The characteristics of hollow board billboards
Strong weather resistance: PP plastic hollow panels have strong weather resistance and can resist harsh environments such as UV, high temperature, and cold. This means that when used outdoors, it is less likely to fade due to environmental factors than other materials.
Chemical stability: The main raw material for plastic hollow panels is polypropylene (PP/PE), which can be waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and insect resistant. This stability also helps billboards maintain bright colors during long-term outdoor use.

3、 Solution to color fading in hollow board printing
Choose suitable printing materials: Ensure that the printing materials have good color stability and weather resistance.
Pre printing process processing, such as cleaning, drying, coating, etc., ensures that the surface of the billboard is flat, which helps to improve the printing effect.
Control environmental temperature and humidity: Avoid adverse effects on printing materials.

In addition, the maintenance of advertising billboards made of hollow board materials is also an important factor affecting the durability of their printing parts. Regular cleaning and maintenance work, such as wiping the surface with a soft cloth, avoiding the use of chemical cleaning agents, and repairing damaged parts in a timely manner, can extend the service life of billboards and reduce the possibility of printing parts falling off.

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