New solution for luggage lining – pp hollow board


In today’s pursuit of quality and innovation, we have to re-examine those materials that have been used for a long time but are gradually becoming outdated. Among them, cardboard and wood boards are traditional choices for luggage linings. Although they have their historical status, their limitations are becoming more and more prominent under the impact of modern industrial and consumer demand. For this reason, we are pleased to launch a subversive new solution – hollow board.

1. Pp hollow board material characteristics

Excellent physical properties: Hollow board (commonly known as PP corrugated board, Wantong board) has the characteristics of flat appearance, moisture-proof, non-toxic, pollution-free, impact-resistant, and oil-resistant. These characteristics make hollow board very suitable as a lining material for luggage, and can effectively protect the items in the box from the influence of the external environment.

Diverse structures: The structural design of hollow boards is diverse, including honeycomb structure, H-type structure, M-type structure, etc. Hollow boards of different structures have different comprehensive properties such as compressive strength and bending strength, which can be selected according to the specific needs of luggage. For example, the honeycomb structure is often used for the lining of large plastic-sealed boxes due to its superior compressive resistance; while the H-type structure is often used for lining and small hollow board boxes due to its lightness and moderate strength.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Hollow board materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which meets the current social requirements for sustainable development. Using hollow boards as luggage linings helps reduce the generation of waste and reduce pollution to the environment.

2. Advantages of hollow board in luggage lining

Strong protection performance: Hollow board material has good cushioning and shock resistance, can effectively absorb external impact energy, and protect the items in the box from damage. This is especially important for bags that transport valuables or fragile items.

Strong customization: Hollow board materials can be customized according to the specific size and shape of the luggage to ensure that the lining fits the luggage perfectly. This strong customization feature enables hollow boards to meet the personalized needs of different luggage manufacturers.

High cost-effectiveness: Although the initial investment cost of hollow board materials may be slightly higher than traditional lining materials, its excellent performance and long service life make it more cost-effective overall. In addition, the recyclability of hollow board materials also helps to reduce long-term costs.


3. Market trends and prospects

As consumers continue to improve the quality of luggage and their awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for hollow boards as luggage lining materials will continue to grow. In the future, hollow board materials will play a more important role in the field of luggage linings and become an important force in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the luggage industry.

4. Specific cases and reference prices

At present, many luggage manufacturers on the market have adopted hollow boards as lining materials and have achieved good market response. For example, some high-end luggage, backpack and flight case brands have begun using hollow board linings in their products. These products not only have beautiful appearance and excellent quality, but are also reasonably priced and are deeply loved by consumers.

In terms of price, the price of hollow board lining varies depending on factors such as material thickness, gram weight, and customization requirements. Generally speaking, the price of common hollow board linings on the market ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan. The specific price still needs to be negotiated and determined based on the actual demand and purchase volume of the luggage manufacturer.

In summary, hollow boards have significant advantages and broad market prospects as a new solution for luggage linings. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of the market, hollow board materials will play a more important role in the field of luggage lining.


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